Social Media Agency Feature: White Pixels – An Integrated Communications Agency

white pixels FI

Who are we?

White Pixels is an integrated communications agency. We are a one-stop HUB for all your communication needs.
A hub where your brand comes ALIVE.
We focus on an integrated and innovative solution through our myriad of services. With our 360º approach we ensure that your brand builds up to a dynamic and ever-evolving perception in the competitive market.

Our passion towards our work has lead us in creating our own intellectual properties:

Lazy Meal: A website making online food ordering easier for people in & around Vancouver city

Series Gate: A free-viewing website for all TV shows.

Probity comics: A comic series based on Sikh history

The Youth Express: A youth magazine.


What’s in the name?

“White” is the complete reflection of all visible wavelengths [colours] of light. White light is therefore a mixture of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet light.
A “Pixel” is the smallest addressable element in a display device.
White Pixels thus stands for bringing vibrancy in the smallest detailing; focusing on the finest dots in your brand building. Our passion lies in these miniscule floating atoms of your brand DNA. We, at White Pixels, identify the pixels of your brand to achieve the in-depth brand solution by understanding your business objectives and markets.

What we do?

We think of ideas. Ideas to bring your business in the limelight & to boost sales. Ideas to make people fall in love with your brand.
Our ideas are translated in various services including, Social Media marketing, Digital marketing [SEO, SEM, online PR, website development, APPS], Designing, Photography & other Marketing communications.

Why we do it?

Because Digital is the new Mainstream. We love it, we believe in it & we want every client to in-cash the benefits of this ever growing medium!
Digital is the only medium which can reach out your offer to 5 million people in 5 minutes!
We all know that if you cannot “Google it”, it does not exist!
And mostly because we can now finally can tap the effective Word of mouth medium through conversations happening on social media!

How we evolve?

Keeping up with the buzz is one of the most essential things we do to evolve. Websites like Socialsamosa help us in knowing about the innovations implemented on digital media.
Also, we hire employees with fresh ideas and a passion to grow!

Social responsibility in social media

Having the power of media is equivalent to having the power to make people think & act the way you like. If you are controlling the mindsets of people the basic rule one should follow is not to hoodwink someone for personal gain. It’s also necessary to ensure that you are not biased or against any social group.
If thought out carefully, you can come up with strategies resulting in a WIN-WIN situation for all.

Need of the hour

Being in a service industry & especially in an industry that many clients don’t completely comprehend can be quite tricky. Every client having different needs may have extremely varying results, and it becomes difficult to justify costs.
We need to be a more organized industry.

We learned the hard way

Quality over quantity.

Did we just share that?

A brand’s post accidently got posted on a rival brand’s page. In a few seconds & after a lot of yellings [thankfully from just the boss & not the unaware clients] it was vanished!

They work with us

Haveli chain of restaurants, Gulzar Group of institutes, HUG!, Heritage jewelers, Mind Plus, MindFirst and so on.

Industry as we foresee

Like we said, it’s the new mainstream!

A day without Internet

Generally speaking, it should be an immediate transportation to Bora Bora… the serene beach, enchanting waves, luxurious life…
But in reality, considering the electricity cuts in Ludhiana, A day without internet would mean that the generator is out and hence result in a PANIC ATTACK!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Always. Talent drives an agency & we always have those binoculars on!