Social Media Campaign Review: TrulyMadly’s #BreakingStereotypes Campaign Engages Youth with Powerful Communication

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‘India’s modern matchmakers’ is how they choose to describe themselves. A Facebook incorporating portal, rather stringent with verifying authenticity of registered profiles on social platforms; also relying on ID Proofs, Addresses and Employment Records; aiming at people who are game to shatter myths in the process of finding love online.

Their recently launched Social Media Campaign called #BreakingStereotypes, interestingly delves into how love overlooks stereotypes. A beef loving Hindu, an NGO running fashion enthusiast or a god-abhorring atheist can all seem flawless in the myth-breaking zone we all fondly call ‘love’. Their Twitter handle pretty much describes their penchant for puncturing stereotypes. Let love go beyond labels. And here is how they are geared up in doing the same.

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Communal, economical, regional, religion based, status backed or attire induced, biases come in all categories. They are scathing and difficult to lose conviction in. As they are long held, even the most acclaimed liberalist will be prone to a few of his/her own. The campaign gets us in touch with our own assumptions in a witty fashion, laced with dark humour, and prompts you to laugh at and loathe stereotypes in the same breath. And I guess therein lies the brilliance of this piece of communication.

truly madly 2 and have been put to rather good use in sharing relevant content around stereotypes. This one dates back to a hundred years, originally stumbled upon by a Ph.D student. These three women believed in women’s rights and their belief was strong enough to make them set up the WMCP way back in 1850 in Germantown. The first women’s medical college in the world, the WMCP was a breakthrough in claiming rights for women. The three in the photograph — from left to right, Anandibai Joshi, Keiko Okami, and Sabat Islambouli — eventually became among the first licensed female doctors in their respective countries: India, Japan and Syria.

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Plus, the incorporation of everyday people like you and me makes it even more hard hitting and tough to ignore. We, after all, relate to sentiments like these. Such rebellion in social media is a welcome change.

Since dating online is such a rage, digitally this campaign has created the right buzz around the idea of making dating a more condition free zone. makes a genuine effort to strike a different chord in their effort to bring two hearts together. In the process, they are jolting the minds of  singles as they urge them to tread a different direction towards discovering love.


Great usage of Twitter and Facebook to get noticed amidst the youth of today.

Content is highly relevant, echoing sentiments and mindset of urban daters.

The tone of communication is both funny and uplifting.

A sense of empowerment is sensed throughout in their social strategy.

The continuity within the campaign is maintained throughout adding a very high recall value.


The posts tend to get monotonous in their layout and format, making the flow predictable. A series of campaigns can be introduced as an extension to the existing one. Maybe one highlighting real stories of men and women who are constantly battling myths or video recorded virals of them narrating their stories, urging people to rise above stereotypes. Think beyond posting pictures and links. Video footage needs to be incorporated to leverage the idea further.

Conceptually more ideas need to be introduced because innovation is the mother of engagement.


And so comes our awakening towards myth breaking.  is not just robust in verifying user authenticity but also in the way it chooses to start a conversation with its followers. Consistency, thy middle name is success. Also, their communication stays true to their mission, repeatedly.