[Video] Using Social Media for Professional Growth with Gautam Ghosh


Social Samosa invited Gautam Ghosh, GM, HR Strategy at Philips India for a Twangout about ‘Using Social Media for Professional Growth

A Twangout is a Twitter integrated Hangout where the spokesperson answers questions asked on Twitter during a live Hangout session. Curated by Ankita Gaba, Co-founder, Social Samosa, Gautam went on to answer various questions on the topic.

On being asked about personal branding on social media platforms and prioritising activity platform-wise; he says that Twitter and Facebook is where he spends most of his time on, especially on tweetchats and groups and pages, respectively.

Moreover, he observed that the social recognition brought about by being active on social media works as a great motivator for professionals from all walks of life.

To tap into the wisdom shared by Gautam Ghosh, watch the video: