Twitter Testing ‘Mute’ Feature for Irritating Tweets

twitter launches mute


This piece of news might come as a surprise to Twitter users out there.

The ‘Mute” feature in Twitter is now available for the Indian markets which was awaited after the announcement of its launch. This would be of great help to Indian users who are largely hooked on to Twitter since a last year or so.

Mute Feature

Twitter, on a trial basis, is testing a feature in its mobile app that lets users to mute an account that they feel is irritating or spamming. This can be used on a temporary basis or for a certain period of time as against the block option, which is used to totally cut off the communication from the unwanted user.

So people who live-tweet TV shows & matches and those “influencers” who go bonkers while holding a contest can now be muted out.

However, Twitter hasn’t specifically commented on its plan for rolling out the mute feature. The announcement has been made at a time when it is aiming to increase the amount of time users spend on the service.

According to the latest financial results published earlier this week, the timeline views increased by 15% to 157 billion in the first three months of 2014. In spite of this, the company’s shares fell by 11% because of slow growth. Over these three months, the site’s user base increased by just 3.8%. Twitter also reported a net loss of $132m (£78m), but posted revenue of $250m, out of which 90% came through advertising.