13 Reasons to Unfriend People on Facebook

Jash Mistry
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13 reasons to unfriend people on facebook

1. Lovey dovey updates

Maybe she doesn’t know that nobody really cares. Possibly because nobody told her, and can you guess why? You guessed, nobody freaking cares!


2. You do not see them in real world

You have never seen these people and so they do not qualify as friends. Although, if they aren’t bothering you, you need not bother too.


3. Too frequent & numerous updates

You sign on to Facebook and you see the first ten updates are from THAT person. Beware of News Feed spammers, though unsubscribing is the less harsh thing to do. But you News Feed spammers, go read some real news to feed your thoughts something useful.


4. Friending your friends

They send requests to your friends who are obviously unknown to them. That grounds for an un-friending right there…

* I’m possessive about my friends, go get your own*


5. Every post alludes to their Ex BF/GF

Nobody would like to hear about anybody’s ex day after day. Get a shrink. Facebook doesn’t need your ‘subtle’ drama.

You dependent variable, so easily manipulated. Figure yourself out before asking someone else to do it for you!


6. They are your relatives and follow every move of yours

One great reason to unfriend someone on Facebook is if they are gossipy relatives who obsessively stalk you –and report everything back to your parents. Saying “Happy Birthday” every year is sweet; telling mom and dad about your Friday night shenanigans is not.


7. Get your own likes. Boo You!

We all have those friends on Facebook who pester us to like their pictures and posts. As soon as they begin to annoy you too much, unfriend them!


8. Annoying statuses

Some of them constantly have negative and sad statuses that cause an eye roll every morning. It’s better to unfriend them. Yes, you too, get a shrink.


9. You are no longer friends in real life

Over a certain period of time we make new friends and forget the old ones and gradually lose contact. In this case you should unfriend them, but only if they weren’t close and there isn’t a real reason you need to get rid of them.

You're Dead to me

10. They’ve turned into a robot

Robotic friends remember you only when they want to promote something. Such friends are best unfriended. We aren’t your PR Agents. Period.

Heart Break

11. They have broken your heart

Unfriend them and move on. Need I say more?

Why are we still friends

12. You don’t like them anymore

Yes, we all have many people who fall under this category.

WTF is your problem

13. That person who “likes” everything or comments on something you uploaded half a decade ago

There will always be that person who likes everything you post; you of course don’t know them per se. They may also comment on something you don’t remember uploading, or don’t want to remember. Unfriend him or make sure he doesn’t find out your personal information.

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