Agency Spotlight – Eccentric Engine – The Three Core Divisions of the Agency

Eccentric Engine

As our “Agency Spotlight” for this month, we are showcasing Eccentric Engine, a digital creative and social agency. They have worked with clients like ICICI, Red Bull, LG, American Tourister, High Sierra, PCI etc. to name a few across all divisions.

Eccentric Engine is a Digital Marketing Creative Agency which has three core divisions:

Agency Partners

EE – The agency

The creative brand strategy and communication division with digital marketing as its core function.


What makes us Eccentric?

So many different kinds of people, with different educational backgrounds and experiences come together for the purpose of creativity. It all lends to a great working atmosphere.

Client to us is?

A constant companion, always by our side. A great friend, if you may. Our clients have had the longest relations with us, as compared to the other external divisions.

The bond that binds us together?


Lunchtime/Chaitime Gupshup

The latest movie, be it from any part of the country (Bhojpuri included!).

EE Thrill

The gaming designing and development division.

ee3 ee4

What makes us Eccentric?

We make the cool stuff. Turning code into art and experiences over the web and devices is what we do; never afraid to take up a challenge regardless of computer language or skills required; if it can be made, we can make it. We work in a dimension where time doesn’t exist (no really!).

Client to us is?

Another reason to show off!

The bond that binds us together?

The love for video games; the realization that someday we will make one of our own that we will love to play, and the fact that we shall work together as one to achieve this goal.

Lunchtime/Chaitime Gupshup

I don’t think that exists for us. You need to have time for lunch and chai for Gupshup, but as we said earlier, we work in a dimension where time does not exist. Chai is consumed 24 hours a day because we love our hot beverages. Lunch is conveniently forgotten!

EE Motion

The video development division which specializes in animated, 2D and 3D videos.


What makes us Eccentric?

Just that our unpredictable nature makes us conjure the wackiest of ideas, which at first are likely to throw off our clients. But we make it work and how!

Client to us is?

Clients, to us, are that challenge, that entity that compel us to get them out of their comfort zone, to make them think unconventionally and steer them into a new creative movement.

The bond that binds us together?

The love for the industry itself helps us to stay connected. We keep discussing new videos in the market, new creativity working on an audience, and while we’re at it, we understand exactly, what each of our sensibilities, bent of minds and motivations are.