Agency Spotlight : Eccentric Engine Case Study: How LG Promoted Its New Security Feature On Social Media

Agency Spotlight : Eccentric Engine Case Study: How LG Promoted Its New Security Feature On Social Media
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This is part of our Agency Spotlight where we bring forth agencies who are doing kick-ass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Eccentric Engine

Brand Name:

LG India

Agency Name:

Eccentric Engine


LG launched a unique technology called Knock Code. It took Mobile Security to the next level. It enabled users to unlock their phones by their own secret pattern of tapping the phone across multiple points on the screen. Over 80,000 unique combinations could be formed. The objective of the social media campaign was to highlight this feature of the phone.


Everyone who ever uses a phone, has their own personality. With the Knock Code feature, you finally had a chance to set your unlock depending on your own style and liking.

The Idea:

‘My Code My Style’ where we modeled and personified human fingers to represent 5 distinct personalities- A Fashionista, a Footballer, a Dancer, a Runner and a Fighter. These characters would unlock the phone in their own style. This would in turn create consideration of purchase among various groups of people.


We shot videos around each of the personalities, in miniature sets, showing them performing their acts and in that process, unlocking the phone using their own unique pattern. These videos were introduced on the Brand’s Youtube page. On Facebook, there was an engagement around each video that required users to view the video and understand the concept of Knock Code. On Twitter, 6-sec vine videos were introduced, for quick understanding of the technology and supporting contest question.

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The combined views on all videos is close to 850,000

#KnockCode garnered more than 23 mn impressions on Twitter

Most importantly, it was mix of Engagement along with Feature Description.



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