15 Poses To Bring Sexy Back To Your Selfie

Are you bored of clicking selfies in those often used and extremely common poses? Try out these sexy poses and make your selfies turn into extra glam shots right away!

Sexy Selfie FI

The Classy Pose

Put on your favorite pair of glares and that lip gloss you so totally love and click! Sunglasses always add an instant charm to any shot and will make your selfie totally drool worthy. Classy Pose Selfie


The just-out-of-bed pose

Minimal makeup and just out of bed hair would complete this look. Showing your followers and friends your-without-makeup selfie will make them love you all the more as they’ll get a glimpse of the ‘real’ you which is very sexy.Selfie Out of bed

Pose while doing something fun

Capture yourself while you’re indulging in a cool activity such as when you’re out in the beach about to go para sailing or while you’re out clubbing! selfie

Capture your Pout

Paint your pout in a bold colour while keeping the rest of your makeup minimal… Now click while focussing on and showing off your super gorgeous lips.Oomph!

Pout Selfie

The Wet look

The previous pose definitely needs to be followed by this one, which is capturing your wet look. You can click yourself while the water droplets glisten on your face and add drama to the shot. Wet Look Selfie copy

The Couple Selfie

How can the photograph be complete without your better-half in the picture? Click one with your beloved one and show-off the love to the world. Also, try spotting the camera in the picture! Couple Selfie

Show-off something new

Got something new? Got a new haircut for yourself? Capture them in a way that the shot focuses on them and highlights the new feature for your viewer to instantly notice.

Haircut styles

The Mirror selfie

Capture yourself from both sides by posing in front of a mirror in the most flattering angle. This will make your selfie look very interesting and it will stand out amidst innumerable other selfies in the Selfie Land. Mirror Selfie.

The Silhouette click

Capturing yourself against the light can also add uniqueness to your selfie. Stand in between the light and your camera and pose while showing off your side profile for a silhouette capture. You can show off your flattering facial features this way which will make for an interesting shot! Silhoutte selfie. (c)

The Candid pose

Take a shot of yourself while you’re having your daily cuppa of freshly brewed cappuccino or while you’re eating a bowl of strawberries. Clicking a no-pose selfie that captures you doing ‘nothing’ results in an image that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard which is sexy in itself. Candid Selfie

Reflection shots

Pose and capture your reflection on the windows of cars or crystal clear human-size mirrors. This adds a sense of depth to your shots and makes them extremely fascinating.

Reflection Selfie.

Cute props are a good idea

Pose with your adorable pet or your favorite pistol and capture yourself. The cuteness quotient of your selfies automatically increases manifold as soon as cute props are brought inside the frame. Selfie with your favourite prop

Posing with your Feet

Taking a shot that focuses on only your extremely hot high heels while you’re wearing them is a great selfie idea too! Who said your face needs to necessarily be there for a shot to be extremely sexy?

Selfie HEELSThe your-getting-ready pose

Take a shot of yourself while you’re applying makeup or tying up your hair… I promise the capture will not only turn out interesting but also extremely appealing.

WP_20140625_020Capture your best feature

Only take a shot of your best feature, for example your eyes or lips. Letting the entire frame consist of your most flattering features will result in the viewer’s focus being automatically drawn to them. So go ahead and capture your long legs or your beautiful mysterious kohl-rimmed eyes in a extremely enchanting selfie! Best Feature Selfie But before you get started with all these many ways of posing for your selfies, do keep in mind that in the end, it’s not about the pose but about how well you connect with and are comfortable in front of the camera. So be confident, flash that million dollar smile and get clicking!