Social Media Platform Feature: Meruki – An Analytics Platform

About the Platform

Meruki is a social media analytics platform to simplify understanding of social media conversations on a real time basis. It is programmed to analyze the conversations of 2.5 billion users active on social media platforms. In an easy and engaging way, we filter online conversations and share analytics in a customized format with our users.
Moreover, we turn social media data in to real time reports, videos, info-graphics, widget, API and more. The team comprises of:

Jwalant Patel, Co-Founder & CEO
Chintan Trivedi, Co-Founder & CTO

Team size is 5, including a Sr. Software developer, 2 Social media marketing professionals and interns.

Whom do we cater to?

  • Brands
  • Social Media Users (users on Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • Politicians & Political Party
  • Researchers & Campaigners
  • Academic Institutes
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Journalists
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Image Consultants

What do we offer to our consumers?

We are providing both free and paid reports. Users can get free social media analytics of any keywords, hashtags and accounts by filling this form on Meruki.
We also provide video, widget and API to display our data to blog, articles, websites and others. Here are the brief details about some of our services:

  1. Popular Languages: See the languages in which conversations are happening
  2. Popular Destinations: Amazing GEO distribution data – all the way down to the city level. Target ads / your audience to geographic locations
  3. Top Influencers talking about you: Identify online supporters for your brand, product, company or competitors driving the current conversations
  4. Best time to Tweet: Find what is the best time to respond and engage in conversation
  5. Popular Trending Stories: Get a real time feed of all the trending stories, so you never miss an opportunity to engage
  6. Questions being asked about you: Helps you in identifying online queries at one place & Building strategy to respond positively and convert it into opportunities
  7. Real Time Access: Access real time information about any topic of interest, when and how you need it
  8. Volume and sharing stats: Keep Track of Tweets, Shares, RTs, Likes, +s and more – all at one place
  9. Sentiment Analysis: Observe the level of integration in your community. Track sentiment level for any timeframe
  10. Other Names being used for You: Get the best suggestions for Names and view information on other names being used throughout the web
  11. Most RTs & Favorites Contents: Get images as well as tweets from social Media which are RTs and Favorites everyday
  12. Supporters VS. Detractors: Directly connect with your supporters and detractors in complex social media from local, national, and international levels

What motivated us to start up?

We were already working on another startup, and clients came with the requirements to analyze their social media accounts and to analyze keywords of their competitor’s accounts. At first, we created a program in 1 week and started giving them data from NationsRoot. Later, we realized that clients can get more benefits from combinations of social media data and thus we included more social networks by creating

What’s in a name?

Meruki has its origins in Hindu mythology. The word is a combination of two Sanskrit words- Meru & Vasuki. Mount Meru is a sacred mountain, used as the churning rod to churn the oceans and Vasuki was the name of the king of serpents who abides at the neck of Lord Shiva, part of the main trinity of Gods from the Hindu pantheon. Hence, we came up with the name Meruki, in hopes that the concept will epitomize this power of churning to bring the best and worst out from the sea of social media conversations. It is designed to help clients become better listeners for their brand, their cause and their campaigns. This will be a tool to maximize one’s social media efforts.

How do we see Social Media?

Currently this is how social media looks today:

• 347k average number of Tweets/minute
• 240k number of photos uploaded on Facebook/minute
• 3472k Google “+1” button used per minute
• 200 conversation on LinkedIn/minute
• 38k average number of photos posted on Instagram
• 100 hours videos uploaded on YouTube/Minute

If one were to monitor all this information and try to make sense of it, one would discover that there is a vast amount of usable data that can change the course of how people respond or react to what being is said on social media platforms. We believe in the saying that ‘information is the new gold’ and it truly can make or break a business or entity. Current social media trends prove that people have a wealth of information to share with their words. Making use of this wealth is what Meruki does to help clients better understand their potential customers and sort out their strategies, market response systems, etc. It is our opinion that information in social media has evolved the relationship between entities whether they are a business and customer or a group of friends.

Currently we are…

Social Media Content Calendar 2019
We started working on since February, 2014. We are the same team size. We hire interns often to get a fresh outlook. Our team has learned a lot about technical aspects and social interactions while working on Meruki. It has given us a rounder base of knowledge that helps us to better understand our business and clients. We got many individual requests to create social reports and we fulfill those. We are already providing our analytics to Aam Aadmi Party, Kerala Tourism etc. We are also working with a few auto sector clients.

Our biggest challenge was…

To design the report with graphics and content.

We want to dominate the world by..

Our core business is to provide analytics. We hope to improve on the way analytics are used in social media. Our goal is to grow our business through every stage and expand in ways that we have not yet expected or foreseen. Thus, our future plans for the business depend on where the analytics take us.

We’re making moolah by…

We are selling paid reports and combination of data from various social media networks.

Our What The **** Moment

We got the external client but we didn’t have the paid version of our report ready yet.

Industry as we foresee

Already there are articles in news circles that say social media in India is growing fast and will one day become a powerhouse. We have seen this happening in other countries where social media is already highly integrated with many aspects of everyday life and business. In the near future, people and businesses will truly see how using social media can drive change. It is already being done, but it still has a long ways to go before it deeply permeates Indian industry.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are hiring students in our internship program. Our internship program is mostly online but it is very tough to finish the entire duration.

Yes. We are hiring.


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