Agency Feature: Oktobuzz

Oktobuzz agency

How do we define Oktobuzz?

Oktobuzz, our brand name, is inspired by the Octopus species with exceptional problem-solving abilities. The agency tries to imbibe this in spirit where we focus on that one ‘big idea’ amplified and executed through a result-oriented 360-degree approach.

What do we do?

We offer communication and marketing solutions to some of the foremost brands in the country. We stay biased towards a solution and its merit while being platform and medium agnostic. We have built high-quality expertise in delivering the full spectrum of digital marketing services for our client partners:

  • Insight led Brand Consultancy
  • Business objective focused Digital Solution Consultancy
  • Goal based Social Media Marketing
  • ROI led Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data driven Website Design, UX/UI design and Development
  • Result oriented Video Production
  • One of the first and best Book marketing services provider in India
  • Reach Influencer Marketing
  • Meaningful and engaging Podcasts
  • Innovations through Augmented and Virtual Reality

Why do we do it?

Firstly, we like solving problems. Also, we love building brands and everything to do with them, including working with ambitious and inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders who are shaping products and services that change the way we humans live.

And most importantly, our love for digital is professed through the countless possibilities it has to offer. This is why it has been our go-to medium in expressing solutions for brands for over a decade. This, coupled with a strong sense of evolving trends in the digital communications industry and a thorough understanding of how to build this into personalized solutions for our clients, has been pivotal in creating effective solutions, which we have been doing repeatedly year after year.

How do we evolve?

We are built in a way where our teams have a good mix of experience and fresh talent. Hence we are able to structure solutions that work and we also keep a tab on the “new” new and ensure to churn fresh and relevant ideas. We pay a lot of attention to build happy teams as we truly believe growth can only stem from a happy place. Our pursuit of happiness at work has been covered in a BBC series on workplace happiness. We also featured in a Channel News Asia documentary on GenZ where the Oktoculture of happy people and happy workplace got covered. Further, Oktobuzz also featured in happiness coach Kyla Mitsunaga’s book ‘On Growing’, in the past.

Over the years, we have always grown by focussing on core business and looking out for opportunities to grow our service portfolio in adjacent spaces. It has ensured growth did not come at the expense of profitability. We continue to build on our services portfolio as the digital universe has grown. This has not only allowed us to stay relevant but also capitalize on newer business trends.

We believe in associating with meaningful and purpose-driven brands which aren’t a one-sided exchange. We also grow and evolve. We try to build cultural codes within our teams that ensure we stay true to our approach.

The need of the hour

We are in the second year of the pandemic with prolonged periods of uncertainty, this is where brands and businesses see the need to transform, adopt newer means of reaching customers and doing business. This is where brands are increasingly looking towards trusted partners who can help them with digital adoption and ensure their business continues to grow. As a partner, this is where we have been spending most of our time.

The social responsibility in social media

  • For our employees: An equal opportunity to grow
  • For our clients: Transparency in everything we do
  • Towards the industry: Ethical Practice

Things we are happy to share

Being flexible and not stuck in our methods of cracking a solution or executing it. Knowing each brand, the industry it belongs to is unique and one size doesn’t fit all. It pays to stay true to the brand’s core and customize solutions accordingly.

Being proactive and not reactive to the brand’s needs is essential to ensure we can keep newness and relevance in our thoughts and actions.

Did we just share that?

We are in the service business and time is money. Optimal utilization of time is critical to our growth. While we account for time in our projects, we really hope the industry gets together and starts gravitating towards billing clients by the hour instead of competing on commission percentages. This will also save us from some really long meetings and ensure our clients can give us sharper briefs, which are on point.

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They work with us

Some of our key client partners are:

  • Amazon Singapore
  • CNBC TV-18
  • CNN News18
  • Hamleys India
  • Amish Tripathi
  • Chetan Bhagat
  • Amazon India
  • Citibank and many more

The Industry as we foresee

With mobile and Internet penetration booming in the last decade, data is the new oil of the 21st century. The acceleration in digital adoption is something we have witnessed over the last year and with pandemic-related restrictions easing off we will see the acceleration tapering off, however, the number of digital adopters will surely be much higher compared to pre-pandemic levels. It will be important to gauge the shift in consumer behavior and decision-making patterns to service these consumers in a relevant manner. Brands will still be able to retain a lot of the digital adopters by innovating and creating a bridge between the digital and the physical world because the customers are increasingly going to demand the best of both worlds. Hence sooner that brands understand that Phygital is here to stay the better they are equipped to ride the tide.

Voice is the next video with so many audio streaming formats growing, this is a space a lot of brands are getting interested in and will see a lot of action. Be it live audio interactions or recorded streaming formats the listenership has been seeing an uptick that will soon be chased after.

A day without the Internet

There are no two ways about it that the Internet today is as important as any other basic amenities. The pandemic has underscored this further for anyone who has doubts about the critical role the internet plays in our lives. We, humans, are social beings and the Internet helps us to stay connected. However, a day without the internet is a necessary practice, once in a while, which can act as a digital detox to bring balance to our lives and appreciate the world around us by looking up, away from the screens.

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