The Importance of Blog Commenting and Why Bloggers Should Do It

Saikamal Paradi
Jul 11, 2014 04:22 IST
The Importance of Blog Commenting and Why Bloggers Should Do It

When we talk about blog commenting, it can be perceived in two ways - one is someone else commenting on your blog post and the other is you commenting on someone else’s blog post. Well, both seem quite the opposite but, individually, have different benefits.

There is also another case, where blog commenting is completely off, i.e., you can’t comment on the blog posts. Keeping blog posts on/off depends on the type of blogger you are, the number of subscribers you have, the time and interest you show in replying to comments. And, mostly, it depends on the quality of the comments.

Pro bloggers mainly show their concern in the quality of comments they receive, because all the comments will not be organic and genuine. The purpose of most comments will be for SEO, where comments are aggressively filled with keywords, both in the heading and in the body. And, in the field of URL, they will be filled with websites, page links, product and service links etc. This is because pro bloggers will have more subscribers and people who regularly visit their blogs.

Turning off CommentsAre Blog Comments Important And Why Should You Have Them ?

The more the number of subscribers you have, the more spam comments you will receive. This will negatively affect both the blogs. It also kills a lot of time in filtering and deleting the comments. For instance, Zenhabits by Leo Babauta is one such blog which turned off comments.

Turning off comments altogether gave a new marketing strategy for pro bloggers. They are asking bloggers to use their posts by text optimization while writing a blogpost on a similar theme. This helps the bloggers to grow and, moreover, Google likes it.

For newbies, blog commenting is as important as writing a blog post. It provides a two way communication between the reader and blogger. Comments help in understanding readers and their perspectives.

Healthy conversation with the readers helps in building relationship and readership. This relationship brings back the reader again and again to the blog. This relationship leads to a better chance of referring relevant posts with text optimization or of healthy conversations among peers. Google likes it when blogs gets referred in an organic fashion. It helps in bringing traffic to the blog and also in improving the blog rank.

Commenting on Other Blogs

Replying only to comments on one’s own blog doesn’t make a good blogger. You need to comment on other blogs with an enriching comment. Your comment should add value to the blogpost in the form of a point of view.

For doing this, sufficient time should be given to read it, understand it, understand the perspective of the readers who already commented and then post your valuable comment. Again, this helps in building relation with co-bloggers and can lead to guest blogging.

Guest blogging is writing a blog post on others' blog. It provides a platform to introduce yourself to their subscribers and gives you an opportunity to convert more subscribers for your blog.

So, the question now is, which blogs I should comment on?  Well this decision should be taken strategically:

  • First list out the areas which interest you, followed by a research of bloggers who are writing in similar areas.
  • Read their blog posts and look for consistency in writing blogs. Some might have stopped writing blogs and it may have been a while since they have been active. So, subscribe to the newsletters of the bloggers who are active, who write good content, who participate by commenting back to their readers and make healthy conversations.
  • Subscriptions will have you notified when the blog comes up with a new post.

One more question that arises in many bloggers' minds is, doesn’t my blog get affected from spam commenting like pro bloggers?

The answer is yes, but if you are in the beginning stage of blog writing, it is manageable to filter out unwanted comments. In the later stages, if your blog subscriptions are growing, dedicated time should be given in accepting only valuable comments because completely turning off comments means you are not allowing readers to raise their voice and are not willing to listen to their viewpoint.

Blog commenting is always good for you and me, until we become pro bloggers.

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