Facebook Broadens Efforts To Stand As An Emerging Market For Advertisers

Facebook is attempting to extract greater revenue from emerging markets with new ad formats. Facebook has been testing an innovative ad that allows cellphone users to click a button that calls a brand advertiser, hangs up in no time and gets a call in return.

This return call gives out audio messages about everything, from information about shopping to cricket scores.

The so-called ‘missed call’ ad was specially created by Facebook to appeal to users in India which has millions of Facebook users and even in other regions of the world. Users don’t generally access Facebook through desktop computers or smartphones in many emerging markets but rather through feature phones which are low-cost handsets that offer limited functionality.

facebook as emerging market

Through this, Facebook is promising to help marketers reach people in countries where it has been previously proved difficult to do so, owing to expensive Internet connections.

The ads are part of Facebook’s effort to boast its business in the emerging markets. The company has also taken efforts to increase their sales and marketing by opening offices in Columbia and Indonesia.


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