Ittisa, an All Woman Digital Media Firm, Invites You to CiaOrkut

ittisa ciaorkut event

Ittisa, a startup Digital Media firm based out of Bangalore is unique in many ways.

Firstly, its an all woman company and secondly, they celebrate Social and Digital truly and honestly. When everybody has almost already forgotten about Orkut, they are the ones celebrating it!

Orkut sparked the Social bug in all of us and it seems only legit to at least throw it a farewell party before it goes for good.

Ittisa recently launched its ‘CiaOrkut’ initiative. They are making people revisit their Orkut accounts, get emotional and nostalgic and then leave behind one last testimonial for Orkut itself. The testimonials enter into a contest and the winners will be invited to ‘CiaOrkut’ party.

Date: 1st of August

City: Bangalore

The drive started on July 23rd and to date, they have received over 50 testimonials and counting. This is one of a kind initiative and sure is a noble one!

If you are interested, you can get to know more about it on their event page.