Social Media Case Study: How Krispy Kreme Used Social Media to Boost Sales on Fathers’ Day

Brand Name

Krispy Kreme

Agency Name

Frog Walks Out


To create new doughnut eating occasions for Indian consumers, while increasing traction on Krispy Kreme India’s Facebook page.


We worked on the insight that Fathers’ Day is a special occasion for  everyone to connect with and remember their fathers, especially in a world where children often stay away from them.  We used the power of the digital media to help people connect with their dads on this occasion with the ‘Say it with a Doughnut’ campaign.

We created a Facebook app on the Krispy Kreme India Facebook page, where anyone who logged into the application could enter a 15 character message for their father. These special messages were then iced on to doughnuts that were delivered by Krispy Kreme to the address provided.

Social Media Campaign Krispy Kreme Father’s Day

 Before the beginning of campaign, we built up excitement with a series of teasers.

Social Media Campaign Krispy Kreme Father’s Day


We leveraged on multiple platforms, including Instagram, to build the campaign.

The campaign created buzz and excitement among the people we targeted.

krispy kreme

krispy kreme

cele6  cele7krispy kremeAnd we delivered a box of happiness, not just doughnuts.


  • Krispy Kreme received over a 100 requests for a box of doughnut.
  • The total impression scaled up to 2 lakhs.
  • There was a 10% increase in the total engagement. It scaled up to 33,000.