Twitter Fight: KRK and Kapil Sharma Have an Ugly Spat

Kamal R Khan, famously known as KRK, yesterday got into a spat with the comic sensation Kapil Sharma on Twitter. Followers of KRK and Kapil Sharma were shocked to see such harsh words being exchanged by both on the micro blogging website.

KRK being at his best, abused Kapil Sharma for reasons unknown by saying that he has employed over 100 such ‘naukars’ like him. Not too long ago, he had said the same thing to another comedian, Raju Srivastav, in a reality show called Bigg Boss. Going by what KRK says it seems that his ‘naukars’ are a really talented bunch of people with a good comic sense.

Now, Kapil Sharma, being a true hot-blooded Punjabi, did not in the least hesitate to show off his Punjabi origin and tweeted:

Kapil Sharma KRK Twitter Fight

The two exchanged some more tweets in between them, one of which is a poetic description of Kapil Sharma from KRK:

You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab but you can never take Punjab out of a Punjabi. Kapil Sharma proved it just right by tweeting:

Kapil Sharma Twitter Fight With KRK

Kapil Sharma later deleted his tweets.

What triggered this fight is still unknown, perhaps ACP Pradyuman could help but this fight does deserve to go in to the Hall of Fame of all the celebrity’s battle that has happened on Twitter.

Both the celebrities enjoyed the support of their loyalists, some of Kapil’s fans even expressed their disappointment over Kapil Sharma’s outrageous rant on KRK in full public view since he is the host of a family comedy show and they expected much more maturity from the comic star, at least on a public forum.

The million dollar question is: will these two ever make up, will we now see KRK coming as a guest on Comedy Nights With Kapil? Or will they continue to give each other a cold shoulder?