Twitter Buys Mobile Payment Infrastructure – CardSpring

Twitter buys Mobile Payment Infrastructure - CardSpring

Shopping discounts, coupons, surprising someone with a coffee, just a click away? Moreover, no where else but on the platform you choose to loiter the whole day. YES!

Twitter has just announced that it has acquired CardSpring, a platform that lets developers build card-linked offers on electronic coupons, loyalty cards, credit cards and other types of payments. 


With this, Twitter is shoring up it’s entry in the shopping world. For eg; You could get a discount offered in tweet from a retailer who could ask you to enter your credit card number. When you make a purchase at that retailer later, online or offline, CardSpring would recognize your card number and apply the discount. It would then report back to the dealer with analytics on the performance of the offer.

Moreover, the online-to-offline promotions that CardSpring offers is going to get Twitter a two-sided e-commerce strategy to look out for. 

Don’t you think Twitter has just got the best way to bring in-the-moment commerce experiences to the users? 

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