Social Media Agency Feature: ET Medialabs – A Digital Marketing Agency

Who are we?

We are ET Medialabs Pvt Ltd, India’s leading Online Ad Technology and Analytics company, offering unique and proven analytics driven Digital Marketing solutions to Businesses, Startups and SME’s. An IIT- IIM Alumni’s venture, we have grown exponentially to emerge as India’s leading digital marketing company offering 360 degree digital marketing solutions.

What’s in the name?

Everything! We are data scientists, E-Technology experts and creative doctors working tirelessly on Digital Media and we wanted our name to reflect just that. That’s how we were christened ET Medialabs!

What we do?

We are on a mission to build the world’s most efficient and analytics driven digital media buying technology. We aim at helping diverse businesses in completely eliminating the need for analytics and technology manpower for executing digital marketing campaigns, in the near future, with the help of our product that we are tirelessly working on. So hold on, wait for Adbytzz (that’s what we would like to call it). It’s going to be Legen- wait for it- dary.

Why we do it?

Our founder is a restless soul, wanting to do many things at once and excel in them. And we take after him. All of us at ET Medialabs didn’t want to be stuck in the usual stuff. Some of us wanted to do something creative. Some like to crunch numbers day in and day out. There are a few of us that like to byte the code (get it?) every second of our lives. Some like data analysis and predictive modelling so much that they can give Mr. Holmes a run for his money while some of us want to be the next Wolf of Wall Street. We are Restless. We are Hungry. We are here to disrupt the world of Digital Advertising. And we know an opportunity when we see one.

How we evolve?

Coming from a technical background, we realise the importance of technology in the industry. Our technical expertise and efforts, coupled with our analytics and understanding of marketing and modelling have produced something really special: AdBytzz. Adbytzz, we believe, makes digital marketing easy. No… seriously easy! It is designed to empower businesses to attract, engage, understand and grow their customer base across mobile, social and web channels.

We offer our own special application suite which offers powerful, customizable yet easy to build Landing Pages, Real time campaign analytics reporting, Social media Application suite and much more. Our evolution lies in the evolution of AdBytzz. And we make sure it never disappoints Darwin.

Social responsibility in social media

The biggest social responsibility for businesses on social media is to stay as authentic as can be and create a more transparent ecosystem. As technologies get more complicated, new ways to churn out data shall emerge. The need to protect the privacy of the consumer, or at least have proper privacy policies shall be of utmost importance. Detractors might scoff at our outlook since we are a marketing agency that relies heavily on data but we actually want the users to be aware of the data that is being collected and more importantly, whether it is being sold to third party data aggregators. These policies do exist in current times (cookie usage guidelines and the sort) but how many people actually understand it? These need to be simplified so that a common user can actually understand it.

We learned the hard way

When we started off, we worked tirelessly on the product based in content optimization, and it took us around eight to ten months to come up with our first prototype. We entered with it into the market, and were disappointed to find a very low acceptance of the product we had worked so hard on. While working on one of the projects, an idea struck us — why not develop a product for digital advertising optimization and automation? This time before heading straight to development, we tested the acceptance of the product in the market. We pivoted our business model to a company that specializes in digital media buying, and started developing the digital advertising platform, while offering solutions around the same. This made sure that we develop what our customers need and address actual pain points.

Did we share that?

We are crazy about teamwork. Every idea, however miniscule, is discussed in detail and innovation in every form, whether it be creative or technical, is appreciated. We are crazy about movies and our team takes “unity in diversity” quite literally when it comes to music. And why stop at just movies or music? We share our love of shaking a leg by breaking into an impromptu jig as our office converts into a disco at the flick of a switch! We swear it does! And since we live and breathe digital, we are always online (in various ways).

They work with us

KRBL Pvt Ltd (the parent group of India Gate Basmati Rice), Era Business School, Privat Hospital, Gyans Maestros, Tjori, Medinyx Software solutions, Asia Medical Assistance, Fashionchor, FreeKaaMaal and many more!

Industry as we foresee

The industry will become more efficient with more and more use of Big Data and various automation. With the accelerated advent of various automation, more and more easier-to-use products, especially for digital, advertising shall come to the forefront and even though the technical back-end shall become more sophisticated, the marketers shall be the ultimate winners.

A day without Internet


Lastly, are you hiring?