Social Media Case Study: How GAIL India Used Social Media To Educate Citizens About Energy Security

Social Media Case Study:How Gail India Used Social Media To Educate Citizens About Energy Security Importance

Brand Name

GAIL (India) Limited

Agency Name

Social Cloud Ventures Pvt. Ltd.


With a growing concern for energy around the globe, as the leading gas company of India, it became a moral objective to educate the nation about energy deficit around the globe and the measures to be taken to correct the same. #EnergySecurity is a prevalent topic. Energy industrialists and organizations have put in a lot of effort to spread awareness and call out for participation in the recent past regarding the same.


The objective of the campaign was to educate citizens around the world about energy security and its importance. GAILVoice, being new in the digital world, struggled to mark its presence, reflecting “#EnergySecurity” as the key agenda. Therefore, establishing and conceiving connections and coming up with path breaking creative ideas and finally driving all the effort towards meeting GAIL’s requirements to establish it as an active energy player on the virtual world as well.

Execution Plan

Under the banner #EnergySecurity, engaging posts are prepared, covering developments across the globe towards the same. Special editions such as, #GreenWednesdays and #FridayFunfact received humongous appreciation.

Social Media Case Study: Gail India


Social Media Case Study: Gail India

Regular tweets, talking about news and #infotainmet on #EnergySecurityand posts, focused to increase the reach of the campaign.

Social Media Case Study: Gail India

To promote the quiz, we created buzz on social platforms and ensured maximum participation in the quiz. The participants were awarded with “ Energy score” certificate by

Social Media Case Study: Gail India


We, strategically, started the promotion of Earth Hour with GAIL’S official social.

Social Media Case Study: Gail India


The response to our activity was quite good.

Social Media Case Study: Gail India


The campaign had a friendly and humorous approach towards enlightening people about energy security along with an ongoing campaign of energy quiz where the user gets certified by GAIL India limited to drive user interactivity. Our aim was to educate the audience about energy and, thereby, ring the same in our nation. We wish to continue until our aim is finally achieved.


The campaign drew a lot of attention over the net. Within hours, the campaign received a tremendous response on social media sites. Over 632 users have played the energy quiz so far, of whom 473 have also generated their energy certificates.

Overall Stats across parameters

Total Impressions: 9865

Post views : 17075

Certificates generated: 536

GAIL Voice subscription growth: 21.83%