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As our “Agency under Spotlight” for this month, we are showcasing Solomo Media. This is a Delhi based creative digital agency. You can know about its core team here.

Rohit Awasthi, Co-Founder of Solomo Salsa,  gives us a sneak peek into their client list and enlightens us about the inner workings and thoughts that led up to exciting and rewarding work for these clients.

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is a leading Indian florist and gifting portal. With over 180 outlets in 72 cities nationwide and delivering across 155 countries worldwide, Ferns N Petals pioneered the concept of social expression in India. Solomo partnered with Ferns N Petals in the latter half of 2013.

The main objectives include increasing visibility, monthly visits and transactions for Ferns N Petals. To achieve these, the content strategy focuses on connecting with the audience on an emotional level, through posts that elicit responses. The posts are a subtle reminder of the need for communicating the feelings and emotions through gifts and flowers.

Recently, to promote Rakshabandhan hampers and gifts, the creatives have been designed to communicate the fun-filled relationship between a brother and a sister and promote them to engage with the page.

Popular themes like love and friendship are taken up and presented with a twist!

Fern n Petals is present on platforms like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest.

Speaking Tree

Speaking tree is India's first spiritual networking site, belonging to the Times Group.  Partners since mid 2013, the main objectives are to increase the awareness and reach of the speaking tree community and drive traffic to the speaking tree website. The strategy employed by Solomo to achieve these goals is the use of a mix of riveting facts, trivia and interest-piquing titles - a healthy combination of image and link posts to drive traffic to their website.

For the launch of Speaking Tree in Hindi, Solomo devised a strategy to answer some questions based on the activities that are ingrained in the Indian culture and yet are rarely answered. It worked well for the brand, as a huge number of people were directed to their website.

A recent campaign featured posts that encouraged education for all. The campaign revolved around the low level of education and high drop-out rates in schools.

Speaking Tree is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.

Videocon Mobiles

The Mobile handset division of Videocon Group has been a Solomo partner since July 2013. Videocon Mobile phones is making a big push for the growing smartphone and tablet market in India. They offer great value products, combined with the latest technology and style.

Solomo aims to promote Videocon Mobile Phones to the young and tech savvy generation of India, using various social media platforms. The content focuses on popular smart phone features which triggers user action and provides information about Android & the latest Apps to engage users.

For instance:

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a campaign was created to portray Videocon A55qHD, their flagship phone as a gifting option this Valentine's Day.  A Facebook App was created with templates of e-cards. The person could choose any of them, personalize it & then share after answering "Why A55qHD is the perfect gift for your Valentine?" The creatives were made with a Valentine theme, invoking the  "aww"-feeling.

Impact: we had more than 1154 unique users sharing the e-cards.

The creatives for Videocon aim to showcase various features of the phones and the local offers.

The brand also leverages on the popularity of recent apps and technology discussions to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Videocon is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.

Action Shoes

The beloved Indian footwear brand is intent on making an impact on social platforms and so they partnered with Solomo in March 2014. Targeting an increase in awareness and visibility of the products, the content is planned in a quirky and fun way to get people excited not just about shoes but about everything a footwear means. From the beachy fun of the floaters, to the black shining school shoes, the aim is to connect memories and emotions to our favorite shoes.

The posts connect sportiness and adventure with Action shoes like this.

For engagement and fun, the brand shares trivia and other spot quizzes.

Action Shoes is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.

Ask Me on Interiors

‘Ask Me’ is the emerging go-to portal for all the local searches and much more. Ask Me on Interiors partnered with Solomo in March 2014, to increase the visibility and awareness about the Interiors division of Ask Me and to generate leads.

Solomo’s approach towards achieving these goals is to establish Ask me on interiors as the thought leader on topics related to interiors, home decor, and styling. There are regular updates on trends, styles and décor tips.

The page also features various interior designers of India, working on budget to luxury projects.

Ask Me on Interiors is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.

Dr Lal Pathlabs

Dr Lal Pathlabs is India’s leading health diagnostic chain and they partnered with Solomo Media in June 2014, to build a community around Health consciousness. The goal was to indirectly promote & generate sales using Click a Test option from Dr Lal Pathlabs.

To generate an initial interest and following, Solomo Media created content around health tips, healthy habits, and information & facts on diseases. This strategy is followed up with a regular stream of pop quizzes and do it yourself remedies.

The promotion of the services of Dr Lal Pathlabs, like home collection, online reports, and online payments makes the other important part of the communication strategy.

Dr Lal Pathlabs is also present on a platform like Facebook.


iTimes is India's first interest network that belongs to the Times Group.  Partners since early 2013, iTimes aims to be a trailblazer in breaking updates & discussing trends about bollywood, sports, politics and all things fun, and drive relevant traffic to the website.

The content is highly relevant and up to date. There’s a regular monitoring of the major internet trends and events. The content is then shared with the audience through interesting debates, articles, and polls. The posts help us to pique interest and start a conversation, but the audience is directed towards a ‘call to action’ and diverted to the website to give voice to their opinions.

A recent controversial advertisement featured a woman playing the role of a boss as well as that of a wife. iTimes asked people for their opinion and encouraged them to talk about it.

iTimes have also run hugely successful contest, based on the release of movies like Humshakals and Kick. The motive here is to incentivize people to visit the website and participate in the contest.  The content on the website have hot gossips and interesting facts about Bollywood stars and their lives which keep getting people back to the website.

iTimes is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.


NYCITI is a fashion accessories brand, a sister concern of Madame, with e-stores & 10 offline stores across India. A partner since early 2013, NYCITI is intent on online awareness & increasing transactions.

The content focuses on helping people visualize the whole look with the product and accessories from NYCITI. Sharing fashion forecasts & trends, tips to be fashion upbeat and accessorizing their look correctly.

NYCITI is also present on platforms like FacebookGoogle +Twitter and Pinterest.


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