Budweiser Makes Selfies #TheBudRitual for Beer Drinkers on Social Media


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Cultures and traditions bring people together. So does beer. Why not blend the two?


Throughout the world people indulge in different drinking rituals that over time have become popular culture. Participating in these rituals brings about a feeling of unity and creates a sense of belonging.

For e.g.

  1. In Ukraine people have a practice of toasting to something different each time they order a round.
  2. In Japan, it is considered bad manners to pour one’s own drink. So as a person’s drink nears its end, it is usually poured by another and vice versa.

Likewise, there are a variety of rituals adopted by people around the world, the exception being India which has yet to adopt one.

Thus, Budweiser took it upon themselves to create India’s very own drinking ritual that revolves around beer, #TheBudRitual, for the people, by the people.

How it worked?

We launched a Twitter contest inviting users to send us their drinking rituals with their friends, or their ideas on what would make for an epic Indian drinking ritual. These ideas were tweeted at us with the hash-tag #TheBudRitual with/without photographs. But it essentially needed to involve beer.
bud 1 bud 2



The contest was well-received as beer lovers shared their rituals celebrating International Beer Day. Over two days, @BudweiserIndia received a total of 120 rituals from our followers and generated 108,043 estimated impressions without any support from paid media.

Budweiser then selected the best ritual: One shall take a selfie before sharing a Bud with a bud.

Thus, this International Beer Day, Budweiser celebrated beer with their best Buds and started a whole new tradition.

bud 3


As a follow up to the contest, followers are being asked to adopt the ritual and share pictures of themselves embracing the ritual.