Editor’s Note: August

editors note

Social Samosa has always endeavored to help the industry grow, tap into the potential and expand horizons for the industry folks. In the communcation age that we are, we have a constant flow of real time feedback and inputs from our community of readers. We always make efforts to track this information, no matter how complex the procedure of receiving from different sources, different audiences, different formats and yet implement it in our content initiatives.

In line with the above thought, we decided to commit at the start of each month, what our readers can expect from us. This post will also allow us to immediately understand if the industry and us are (on the same page) or not, that is at the end of the day, the most crucial for all of us to grow together. Take this post as a one to one dialogue with us.

Diving Deep is important for growth:

This month you can look forward to in depth, thought provoking articles which will build a bridge to the global trends and perspectives. We will delve deeper into topics and perceptions and bring out knowledge that can enrich each of our professional lives.

Some of the aspects that we are looking to explore are the world of Social Media Command Centres, how to set them up and the various questions you should answer before taking a decision to build one. We are also bringing to you a fresh perception on the latest rage the “Secret app”

If there are aspects that you are struggling with and want us to rack our brains on it and present it you in a “put it to practise” form, please let us know in the form below.

Industry to learn from the Industry:

Initially when we started out, we had a bunch of contributors and with their support, we have built the foundation of social media on the website. We are now making stronger attempts to get the industry clan to share their knowledge and experience with you. In case you missed out on some fantastic pieces from industry professionals, we have published thisthis and this in the recent past.

Apart from these, you will also journey through a lot of video and text interviews, another attempt to get the people who are experiencing it daily to share with you. How nice it would be to learn from each other and pace up the growth for all us.

We are happy to announce that we are also starting a series of Podcasts which we will be rolling out very soon.  The idea would be to literally dig out the knowledge from digital, marketing and business stalwarts, since we rarely get any opportunities to directly learn from them.

In August you can expect a generous source of industry insights in form of ebooks, podcasts, videos and lots of posts!

Build Talent Pipeline:

While we are far away from uprooting the issue from its root, we are surely taking baby steps to create digital minds so that the quality of our work as a digital community gets better.

Towards that we have a few social media workshops coming up across cities. Get more details from here.

We have also revamped our jobs portal in order to help connect talent to companies better.

What we need from you?

The idea to write this is more about introspection and commitment towards each other. We want you to help us help you. The form below is for you to tell us what challenges you are facing so we can get together and build lasting solutions for them.

We will write to you again next month, till then happy reading!

Signing Off!

–          Ankita Gaba, Co-founder, Social Samosa

–          Apeksha Harihar, Editor, Social Samosa

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