[Infographic] Expendables 3 Movie Promotion on Social Media Signals a Rising Negative Sentiment

The third edition of Expendables, with a star studded cast, packed with action & new recruits in the team was expected to deliver great box office returns. Germin8 did a social media analysis of how the movie fared on the social media.

While Sylvester Stallone was the top mentioned character by the audiences on social media, we also checked how the new recruits fared against the old gang. The original team of Expendables beat the new recruits hands down as they received more than double the mentions received by the new recruits in the movie.

We also did a sentiment analysis of these conversations, and found the proportion of negative sentiments to be on a constant rise, maybe a cause of concern for the team.

Antonio Banderas took the cake as the most mentioned new recruit, and Mixed Marshal Arts champ Ronda Rousey making her Hollywood debut received 11053 mentions & while Harrison Ford also fared well in the conversations about the movie.

The premature LEAK of ‘The Expendables 3’ on the internet received over 2.2 Million downloads and generated a lot of buzz on the social media even before the actual theatre release. The mentions about the movie reached a peak on the day of its leak & interestingly the sentiments associated with those mentions were positive which turned into negative post the actual release.

The Expendables 3 - Social Media Analysis