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Gone are the days when Indian audiences were glued to the Idiot Box, sitting at the same place, at a fixed time and waiting for your favourite show to come. But then the Internet was discovered. So why waste time?

YouTube is a great platform to watch content online. This is a platform where video content makers show their creativity. There are foreign channels where you can find great content and Indians are not far behind. Here is a list of popular Indian personalities on YouTube.

Wilbur Sargunaraj

Subscribers- 12,324

Meet India’s First Youtube Sensation. Wilbur is a performing artist and celebrity. He has almost 3.1 million views from his music and  instructional video he posts online.

Nisha Madhulika 


Nisha started her food blog in 2007. Her blog was in Hindi though. After some time, her blog gained popularity and on demand she created her own website which was developed by her son. Later on the insistence of her followers, she started creating videos and launched her own Youtube channel.

Raghav Pande’s Xcell Fitness

Subcribers- 21,740

This channel was started by Raghav Pande who is a certified trainer and a nutritionist. He runs a fitness consulting firm, Xcell Fitness, where he offers personalised nutrition plans and training programmes for weight loss. He started this channel way back in 2009. Because of this today, he has a lot of international clients who approach him via his website for personalised solutions. He attributes his success to the Youtube channel.

Sonal Sagaraya


Sonal is an animation student. While learning animation, she would often browse for video tutorials on YouTube. During the same time, she stumbled upon videos providing make-up tips. This got her thinking and she decided to create her own YouTube channel. She also roped in her school friend Rishabh Shah, an audio engineer who was doing freelance work for a couple of studios, and they created a YouTube channel dedicated to make-up and beauty tips.

Vir Das


Well this guy doesn’t require any introduction. He is a comedian/actor know for his quirky humor. Subscribe and stay up to date with the madness of the man!

Suresh Menon


He is veteran comedian and has acted in many bollywood films. He has also done many comedy shows on TV and is also an RJ. Along with his Youtube channel, he also runs an alternate Youtube channel Arnab Frankly Speaking, where he creates spoofs on veteran TV journalist Arnab Goswami.

Abish Mathew

Subscribers- 10,361

Abish Mathew is a Stand Up Comedian, Actor and Musician. He started a comedy show Son of Abish. It has become quite popular and is doing its third public outing. The show has a variety of segments like  stand up comedy, musical comedy, sketch comedy, a monthly news roundup and so on.

Vah Chef 


This channel was started by a veteran chef Sanjay Thumma in 2007. The channel is responsible for popularising Indian Food.

Manjula’s Kitchen

Subscribers- 184, 272

Manjula Jain was born in North India into a vegetarian family. She has learned cooking from her mother was an excellent cook who paid attention to every detail. One of the most important details with her cooking is that she only uses fresh ingredients. Her YouTube channel contains over 200 recipes veg recipes.

Sahil Bedi

Subscribers-  27,473

Meet this cute turban guy with a camera through which he shows the world his dream.  His videos mostly revolve around pranks and experiments. He started this channel some while back but sure has the capacity to become the most popular channel.

Paras Tomar


He is an TV host and also an RJ. He is also a former journalist who worked with TOI. He started this channel to document his journey while travelling for shoots. By this channel he expresses that something ‘EXTRA’ which he wants to say or do while he is shooting.

Malishka Unleashed


Meet Mumbai's most favoriate RJ. On this channel, she posts interview of Bollywood personalities.

Chai With Laxmi

Subscribers- 4,569

Here is the Youtube version of Coffee with Karan. While the former is a celebrity talk show, this chat show has a twist. This show features people and ideas that are positively shaping India's future.

Gaurav Gera Official

Subscribers- 4,404

Meet another comedian on the block - Gaurav Gera. Here he posts short reality webisodes which he shoots with some of his friends form the TV fraternity.

Shraddha Sharma

Subscribers- 153,512

Meet this cute and quintessential girl from Dehradun. She uploaded her first video when she was 15 and has became a hit since then. She is a science student and belongs to a family of musicians. She wants to be a rockstar some day and this channel is just a part of its journey.

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