5 Popular Instagram Filters That Do the Trick & Woo your Fans!

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While some of us are busy making memorable moments and sharing those pictures with friends & followers, some of us are also busy faking it! Photo-filters work like magic-wands, creating a masterpiece out of the amateur images we capture all day long.

We are in an era where the food on the plate first goes on Instagram before it can reach our mouth.

Well, many of us love clicking & sharing pictures of some so-called ‘cool’ things we do throughout the day.

Here are some popularly used Instagram photo filters that make life more picturesque:

1. Lomo-Fi

That photo of the very first dish you somehow prepared needs this filter for a dreamy effect.


2. 1977

Get transported back to the 90’s era instantly using this photo-filter.

instagram filter

3. Sutro

Art up those otherwise mundane objects like that coffee mug you’re holding in your hand.

instagram filter

4. Brannan

With emphasis of greys & greens, this filter is perfect to add a dramatic feel to your pic!

instagram filter

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5. Valencia

Add vibrancy along with that hint of coziness to your already attractive picture.

instagram filter

So all of you who loves clicking all day, tell us what do you prefer sharing more often - Raw Images or Filtered Images?

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