Reliance Communications Brand Campaign Blurs the Line Between Virtual & Real

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Reliance Communications


Reliance Communications’ ‘One India, One Rate!’ plan was the first-ever offering in India to provide users with no roaming charges. The objectives of the digital campaign were:

  • Create awareness about the ‘One India, One Rate!’ plan
  • Demonstrate the USP of the plan i.e. ‘roam carefree across India’
  • Drive traffic to the landing page of the campaign and generate leads


We wanted to demonstrate to the users that they could now continue to make calls and use data without any bill worries, even on roaming. So, we chose one social media influencer, @ghaatidancer to travel across India and experience life without roaming charges. @ghaatidancer travelled to 4 Indian cities in 4 days, uploaded pictures, shared videos and stayed in touch with her loved ones, despite being on roaming. What’s more, she used social media to crowdsource the itinerary of the entire campaign. This uninhibited usage of voice and data on roaming clearly helped us demonstrate the proposition of the plan.


The #FreedomToRoam campaign succeeded in achieving the following

  • Generated a buzz– The campaign achieved tremendous reach, which in turn generated a lot of curiosity about the ‘One India. One Rate’ plan in the minds of Twitter users. Many users tweeted their queries about the plan.
  • Started conversations – The crowdsourcing nature of the campaign gave Reliance Communications the ability to start and sustain quality conversations.
  • Encouraged participation – The Twitter universe participated wholeheartedly in order to ensure that @ghaatidancer had the best experiences in every city.
  • Brought people together – It demonstrated beautifully how the plan ultimately helps users stay in constant touch with their loved ones. The influencer got a huge surprise when a friend from Kolkata, paid her an impromptu visit after noticing her #FreedomToRoam tweets mentioning her Kolkata trip. And then they took a selfie, of course!
  • Built on the brand’s goodwill – The campaign encouraged a lot of users to come forth and share their experiences of the brand with the world.
  • Created contexts to talk about the plan – The campaign leveraged the hype around the football final to talk about the plan in the right context.

Reliance Communications’ ‘One India, One Rate!’ plan was the first-ever offering in India to provide users with no roaming charges.


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