9 Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than Facebook

Vidhi Shah
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A lot of debate is going on over which is the best social media platform. There are many great platforms out there, but when asked only two platforms come to mind-Facebook and Twitter (Google + no pun intended). The reason for the selection of these platforms is because Facebook and Twitter both have large user base, have endured the test of time and have wide spread global reach. Facebook has over 800 million users whereas Twitter has 300 million uses.

The question is why is Twitter growing so fast and is so popular and is better than the social media giant Facebook? Here are the reasons ‘I feel’ Twitter is better than Facebook.

Makes you wise

Facebook gives you the freedom of unlimited characters whereas Twitter has only 140 characters. You have more content and less words. Thus this will teach you to be concise and smart. It also takes up very less time.  So if you are tired of the old long FB post, Twitter is waiting for you.

Helps you connect with like minded people

At Facebook, our connection is only limited to our friends and family. But Twitter gives you a chance to meet like minded people. People follow you because they like your thoughts or you have similar interests.  They don’t follow you back under social obligation.

Simple user interface

Twitter is a pretty simplified website compared to Facebook. You have 140 characters to say all you want. No profile building, no groups, no sending friend requests and things like that.

Trending hash-tags

One can find all the hot trending topics on twitter first. You can get immediate information on worldwide topics, not limited to what your friends share. This is one of the most engaging options of twitter at present.

More celebrity interaction

I have personally observed that stars are active more on twitter than on Facebook. Their facebook pages resemble advertisements which are maintained by PR people.

Fewer ads

Twitter also has ad promotions. But they seem much bearable then Facebook ads. Why? Because its only 140 characters.

You are present at other places

Want to be there at your favourite Arijit Singh Concert? Then just tweet with the concert hashtag and you will be there virtually if not physically.

Cell phone Compatibility

When it comes to cell phone compatibility, Twitter is hands down much better because of its simple user interface.

Twitter List

Twitter list is one of the most powerful and under utilized weapon for social media marketing. By making your own list, you can streamline your connections and it gets easier and manageable to read tweets.

Let us know why you think Twitter is better than Facebook in the comments section.

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