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Twitters Handles To Follow If You Love Travel

Travel is one of the most talked about topics on social media.

Are you making holiday plans? Wondering when, where and how to go? Ever thought that you can make all such plans simply by following a few people on Twitter?

Here is a list of Twitter handles that can be followed on Twitter and for sure will help you in your trip planning.

Lakshmi Sharath


She quit her corporate jobs of 15 years in order to pursue her passion of travelling. She has been to five continents and been to over 25 countries and her passion lies in exploring the nooks of India as well.

Shivya Nath


She quit her job at age of 23 to travel the world. She is a travel blogger at The Shooting Star. She lives a nomadic life, seeks adventures off the beaten path and works on the funds for her travels.

Neelima Vallangi


She is an offbeat travel enthusiast. She is also a travel writer and photographer. It's her dream to travel the whole of India by the time she turns 30.

Be On The Road


He is one of the most followed travel blogger of India. He is a world traveller from India who loves to talk about Adventure Travel, Vegetarian Food, Unique Cultures and Wildlife Holidays from around the globe!!

 Ankita Sinha


She is a full-time travel blogger and founder of the blog Ankionthemove.

Mridula Dwivedi


Travel and Academics are the two things she is good at.

Anu Shankar


She is a full-time mother, part-time writer and her love for travelling is infinite.

Anuradha Goyal


She is an author, columnist and a blogger. She is generally found travelling, reading or discussing business ideas.



This account belongs to Arti who is a travel blogger and founder of blog, My Yartra Diary.

Arnab Maity


His trip to Bhutan on motorcycle changed his life. He is an avid traveller and full time blogger. He was featured on the Lonely Planets for 3 consecutive years as a travel bloggers and his photography has landed him on the cover of World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) calendar of 2013. 


Snigdha Jain


This guy is a budget traveller. His tweets convey stories on travel, vegan food, amateur photography, art, culture, fun, people, humor.

Vishnu Kumar


He is a travel writer, travel photographer and co-founder at Thinking Particle. Phew!

Devil On Wheels


This account belongs to a community who tweets on Himaliyan travels and treks.

Ravindar Bhogal


He loves two things in his life: Food and travel. So follow his twitter account if you want to enlighten yourself on good food and travel.


Well this account belongs to the biker community. They believe in ruling the highway road. Planning to explore India on bikes? Well then here is your account.

Vir Sanghvi


He is a well known journalist who possesses passion for street food and travel.

Nomadic Shoes


She tweets on mountain treks. Founder of blog The Nomadic Shoes

Indian Backpacker


This group organizes backpacking trips and also gives great advice for backpackers.


Russell Collins


He organizes and tweets on Himalayan expedition, treks and camps.

Mandip Singh Soin


He is an explorer, mountaineer and the founder of IBEX Expeditions.

Sweta Mukherjee


Fonder of the blog Indian Homestay, she tweets about eco tourism.

 Ride Till I Die


This account is a portal for motorbikers. This account gives you ride stories, rider's experiences, etc all under one roof. 

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