A brand represents a lot of values that are intangible in nature for a business entity. It represents an identity in the form of a name, term, symbol, design which becomes the face of the brand. A brand misrepresented by some other associated brand is enough to make a dent on it. Brands using Twitter as their social media marketing platform, are not careful enough themselves while using the Twitter logo. Most of you must not have even had a glance at Twitter’s logo guidelines. In most instances the Twitter logo is modified as per the user’s own wish!


The ideal twitter logo is either blue or white. However, some brands like to use their own version of the logo with all the possible colours which they must have  probably dreamt of.


Logo - 1

Safety Space

When the Twitter bird is used with other logos and graphical elements, a safety space that equals to 200% the size of the square of the bird should be maintained.

Safety Space - 2

Brand Mashup

Instead of using the simple blue or white twitter logo many prefer to use modified versions of their own. Some grave mistakes include speech bubbles or words around the bird, changing the direction of the bird, animating the bird, changing the colour of the bird, overprinting or obstructing part of the bird, adding special effects or using an older version.

Brand Mashup - 3


Twitter uses the Gotham font family. However, some brands like to experiment with some of their favourite fonts on their list.

Promoting a Twitter Account

Using the Twitter logo as a button to link to a brand’s Twitter account on the website or using twitter bird logos with @username nearby in print is the correct way to represent a Twitter account. However, there’s no boundary for manipulations which brands do. Amongst all manipulations the top on the list is changing the colour of the bird, followed by using an artwork from twitter site such as verified badge or creating new buttons or images using the twitter logo.

Using Twitter in Advertising or Marketing Materials

Showing twitter bird in front of #hashtag or @username as the same size as the text is a perfect visual presentation of the user’s account on Twitter. However, some brands do not follow uniform sizing and end up displaying the twitter logo larger than their own marks.


Using Twitter in Advt or Marketing materials


So the next time you use Twitter Logo while promoting your brands online, make sure you do not make modifications to the original Twitter logo.

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