Deepika Padukone Explains Her Stance on Objectification of Women via Facebook

Deepika Padukone TOI Facebook

Last Sunday, Twitter was abuzz with Deepika Padukone’s retort to a TOI story which many found distasteful. The story, which was about her cleavage, was panned by people for being objectifying women and being regressive.

While TOI received a lot of backlash, some people also pointed fingers at Bollywood’s holier-than-thou attitude in talking against objectification of women.

In an attempt to clear the air between “REEL life” and “REAL life, Deepika Padukone has published a long update on Facebook where she tells how her on-screen depiction should be treated differently from her off-screen persona:

Deepika Padukone TOI Facebook


In all this, it’s amazing how social media has empowered everyone to share their views. Gone are the days when celebs had to convene press conferences to share their views. With platforms like Facebook & Twitter in hand, they are now more conversant and forthcoming.

Following the frenzy of Tweets and stories on various social media platforms regarding Deepika‘s TOI story, the esteemed news publication company shared an article highlighting their point of view.
TOI responded to the above Facebook rant by writing how hypocritical Deepika‘s views are as she has already posed for several magazines and photo ops which freely display her cleavage. TOI also clears the air by quoting how overly hypocritical other social media outlets are, who have taken sides with her even though they have displayed her cleavage in their articles.
TOI goes on by writing that it’s a publicity stunt from Deepika‘s side that has been aptly timed with her new movie release.