FruitBowl Digital Wins the Digital Mandate for Mumbai Metro

FruitBowl Digital has added Reliance Metro to its portfolio of clients. Reliance Metro aka Mumbai Metro is the future of transport in Mumbai City. It is the kind of project which becomes a visual reminder that things are changing and they are changing for good.

FruitBowl Digital is going to manages all  the digital communication for Mumbai Metro. The company is overjoyed by this accomplishment. Commenting on this, Faisal Amin, Co-Founder, Fruitbowl Digital said, “The constant rumbling of the Metro Trains overhead reminds us of hope and relief that it brings to lives of millions of Mumbaikars.”

Metro is a advanced form of transport, compared to their current modes of transport present in Mumbai. The metro system will be superior because they provide higher carrying capacity, faster, smoother and safer travel, occupy less space, and more energy efficient. In addition, it will be a more reliable, comfortable and safer mode than the road based system; and, overall it would also reduce travel time.

Branding Head at Reliance Metro says “We are looking at digital basically to enable realtime customer service apart from being a tool for information two way transfer, since we are a vibrant and tech savvy brand we want it to reflect it in our communication strategy as well, and by far we have been able to do a great job at it.”

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and a large part of it consists of metropolitan area and population. Mumbai Metro brings forth the expectation of fast travelling from point A to point B in a minimal amount of time.

Mumbai Metro is something the public has been waiting for a very long time. A lot of hopes and expectations are on this project.  The main purpose of this project is to reduce traffic and make travelling overall pleasurable for the Mumbai public. This project has come the symbol of ‘Hope’ for those people who travel between central and western lines. The success of Reliance Metro will become the backbone of future endeavours started by the Reliance Group alongside.

For Indian citizens across the country, the Mumbai Metro is a huge boost to their country’s progress. Mumbai’s overcrowded and inhuman transport system needs a change and Mumbai Metro will become that change.

FruitBowl Digital is proud to be associated with a project like ‘Reliance Metro’ which is a shining beacon of hope for the ‘Mumbaikar who Believes’ This entire project establishes the development of Mumbai as a metropolitan city. And how it impacts the life of the average Indian.