SC in talks to host Web Servers of Google, Facebook, Twitter & other Social Sites in India

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SC in talks to host Web Servers of Google, Facebook, Twitter & other Social Sites in India

The Supreme Court was notified by the Centre that social networking sites including Facebook, Google & Twitter will have to host servers in India so that authorities can keep track of the flow of improper content across sites.

As per advocate Kamlesh Vaswani, watching adult content is not a crime, however blocking around two crore porn sites should be taken into consideration, as they are regarded to be among the biggest reasons for increase in crime against women & children. Due to easy access of porn sites, the government feels that online child abuse & sex crimes could be on the rise as young minds can be easily polluted with exposure to verbal abuses & sexual content available on the internet.

The internet service providers (ISP) have withdrawn their hands, asking direction from the Telecom Ministry or the Supreme Court. Since all social networking sites have their servers set up in the overseas & content is uploaded abroad,  there will be jurisdictional issues while taking control over the content argued Additional Solicitor General L Nageshwara Rao, who will be taking up the issue with newly formed Cyber Regualtory Advisory Committee at an upcoming scheduled meeting.

Some unexplored social media websites like, & have exposed young people to cyber bullying with random users being able to bombard others with sexually explicit messages & demands as per The Independent.

Pavan Duggal – Cyber expert & apex lawyer promoted the idea of setting up servers in India, which will help protect sovereign right, removal of undesirable & illegal content.


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