[Infographic] Double your Instagram Followers in Just 5 Minutes Everyday

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[Infographic] Double your Instagram Followers in Just 5 Minutes Everyday

It’s  a known fact that various brands are resorting to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products and connecting with their audience. However, recently Instagram recorded a growth of more than 150 Million users and is quickly rising on the social media ranks.

With so many users on this app, it is necessary for brands to market their products smartly over Instagram and engage with a wider audience to create buzz about their particular product. Basically Instagram is used to click, edit and share photos but recently, Instagram is being used by actors, musicians, moviemakers to share their music clips and videos with their fans as their follower count is in millions.

To get more out of your Instagram a/c, you can create contests for your followers with weekly prize winners or share videos which might be a teaser to your upcoming project. Recently, with the introduction of the Hyperlapse app, various companies have been able to create perfectly stable time-lapse videos. One such major example of this marketing is how Disney used this feature to shoot an entire video of its theme park to share with its fans. Instead of marketing a product, Disney has marketed an experience with its followers so that the audience would see that video and come to their park to have an actual experience of Disney.

With so many brands competing on Instagram to create buzz with their audience, check out this infographic to see “How you can double your Instagram followers in just 5 Minutes everyday.”


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