Kingfisher’s #KFBlueMile Creates User Generated Content Leveraging Travel, the Most Popular Topic on Twitter

Kingfisher has been a pioneer brand on digital, accommodating more than one activity at a time, and making each a massive success. The popular property of the brand, #KFBlueMile, created 3 years back is live once again. After Leh Ladakh (2011), Uttarakhand (2012) and Andaman Islands (2013), the fourth edition of the activity is taking a group of people trekking, at the base of Mount Everest. The registrations for this is still open.

Kingfisher Blue, the premium beer from the house of United Breweries, targeted at the adventure loving youth had initiated the ‘Kingfisher Blue Mile’ as its annual property to consolidate its positioning and youthful brand image. Seeking to serve as a platform for like-minded adventure enthusiasts, #KFBlueMile is where Kingfisher gets users from their Social communities and on-ground activations to experience adventure and create content out of it for their social platforms. Check out a snapshot of Andamans editon that they did last year, where the brand took 6 people chosen from the community. The blogs by the participants capture the excitement of being a part of the experience.

The entries for participation in #KFBlueMile are being selected through various campouts set out in different parts of India. These campouts, called #KFBlueMileCampOut, are designed as an overnight camp at an offbeat location, where 60-70 shortlisted participants from that zone are made to go through a series of activities which are part of the shortlisting process. This also gets more people to experience the property and meet like-minded people by camping with them overnight, not limiting the experience to the finalists who make the trip. With as many as 6 CampOuts across the country leading up to the Everest Base Camp trek, the brand is making every effort to connect with as many users on-ground as possible. Conversations are bubbling on Twitter & Facebook with #KFBlueMile.

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The brand hosted a microsite and called for entries and registrations through it. The microsite contained registration details, the route, picture gallery and some bits from the past. Users can register on the website.


Users have posted pictures from the campouts and have been showing high enthusiasm in participating at the event. So much so, that users have written extensively about their campout experiences on blogs.

Others have been tweeting.




And instagraming.


The #KFBlueMileCampOut photo albums are being shared on the official Facebook page of the brand and on the website.

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The brand has smartly integrated an offline activity with their Twitter & Facebook communities, creating a lot of content through images, videos, blogposts and tweets. An annual event which gets the crowd excited to be part of is a sure shot way of generating buzz and conversations on social media. Travel being one of the most popular topics, the brand has been wise to direct its marketing through a lifestyle topic.

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The campout is also a great place to connect various individuals with similar interests. People were seen tweeting after the activity was over too, probably giving birth to friendships that would last. Bound by common interests, a true adventure spirit and a weekend of serene environment, these users had a lot to talk about on Twitter.

This is what a brand should do. Give users a chance to talk about something and then see the conversations and content pouring through various mediums on social media.

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The brand also gave branded merchandize to all those who participated at the campouts, giving the images that were shared a branded look.


The Kingfisher #KFBlueMile is an online offline activity, clearly presented very innovatively and choosing a topic (travel) that is extremely popular on Twitter. The challenging nature of the campaign sets it apart, encouraging adventure and travel enthusiasts to participate.