Louis Philippe’s Customer Listening Skills Turns Into a Father’s Day Case Study



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Social Media is all about context and immediacy; it allows brands the liberty of listening in on the voice of the consumer and identifying possible opportunities of intervention/delivering service excellence. This Customer Delight story is an example of one such instance of an agile brand leveraging user conversation and contextualizing it to a calendar day to build connect with its consumer; deliver value and delight!

Louis Philippe has been the foremost men’s apparel brand in India, bringing best designs, cuts and fits for its consumers, both in formal and casual dressing. As a brand, Louis Philippe, employs social media not only to engage but also to keep an ear to the door when it comes to online user conversations. This led to the discovery of a passing consumer tweet, right around Father’s Day, posted by a daughter stating her father had never owned a ready-made shirt.

Louis Philippe took this opportunity to step-in and help build a memory of lifetime by helping a daughter present her father with his first ever ready-made shirt on the occasion of Father’s Day.


Create Experiential Content – Pursuing its Customer’s Delight

Keeping with the spirit of the occasion, the brand using Twitter, reached out to the daughter to plan a surprise for her father, wherein they would be taken to the nearest Louis Philippe store to try-on the shirts of his liking.


On a Sunday, the store manager from the Louis Philippe’s Ghatkopar store in Mumbai, along with a chauffeur driven car arrived at the residence of the duo to take them to the store for the shirt trials. Post selecting the shirt of his liking, the brand, as a gesture on behalf of the daughter, gifted the shirt to the father.


The content was posted and promoted through Facebook, YouTube & Twitter on Father’s Day and was received very well by the online community. It garnered over 4000 likes on Facebook, organically, with people sharing the videos and posting comments. On the Twitter too with 19 favourites, 52 tweets, consumer at large appreciated. YouTube garnered over 1000 views in a very short span of time.

Borne from intent to delight and driven by the power of social content, this initiative, concluded with a minor gesture on the part of a brand. It left the consumers with a smile on their faces and the brand with a place in the hearts; not only for the father-daughter duo but the online community at large.