@MarsOrbiter Debuts On Twitter, Receives 50K Followers in Less Than 24 Hours!

Back in November, 2013 our Indian Space Scientist launched Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) with a dream to put India on the Red Planets Map i.e Mars. After 300 days, MOM has finally entered into the orbit of Mars making it the fourth successful mission to enter the Martian orbit after United States, Russia and European Space Agency.

The Mangalyaan is the first project in the world to enter the Mars orbit in the first attempt. What is fascinating is, the satellite now has its own Twitter handle, @MarsOrbiter which plans to live tweet pictures from Mars. It is a personified account of the satellite.

This was the first tweet that went out today by the handle:

Within a span of 10 hours, the popularity of the handle has soared and gained 50K followers. People have been rejoicing, expressing happiness and a great deal of enthusiasm on Twitter all day using the hashtag #Mangalyaan.











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