Brand Name

Peter England

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Brands are constantly looking for ways to connect with their TG and engage with them and social media has proved to be the perfect platform to do so. By actively involving their consumers on social media, brands are now able to create a two-way communication system which connects them with their TG in a better way, resulting in an enhanced consumer experience. Not only has it helped brands in understanding the needs of their audience it has also facilitated the creation of an engaging platform.

The perfect example for the above is #TweetaGoal where Peter England invited fans to play the world’s 1st game of football on Twitter.

Campaign Objective

Peter England wanted to actively engage with fans and followers with a football led activity. Peter England fans loved football and so the country’s most loved menswear brand paid tribute to the most loved game.


Peter England Takes Twitter by Storm with #TweetaGoal.

Following an initial buzz about the campaign, a micro site was launched that gave the details on how to play, winning goodies and the list of winners. The brand asked fans to show support for their favourite team with #TweetaGoal while continuously tweeting about them. The rules of the game – The more you tweet, higher is your “ball possession” but if you let someone “Tweet Beat” you, the ball goes to the other user!

To stimulate the actually intensity of a football match and make the activity more engaging, yellow cards and red cards were given to users who put up spams on the page. The dreaded “offside” rule was incorporated as well.


This activity met with an overwhelming response from the audience as the brand went out the extra mile to create a real life experience. The site saw a high level of interest and involvement from the audience as a total impression of 26.7 million and a total reach of 5.17 lakhs was reached.

The game could be watched live on the website and a total of 25 goals were scored and the 8 games were played with passion and excitement.

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