How The Trailer of Mary Kom Movie was Launched through Vine

Brand Name

Mary Kom

Agency Name



1. To bridge the gap between PC and her fans and make them feel as if they are a part of the event and not missing out on anything by promoting the launch through Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Youtube.

2. To increase engagement among fans and give them exclusive access to PC in real time.


Pre-Launch Contest on Twitter:

Even though the much awaited trailer to the ‘Mary Kom’ movie had a great audience and lot of buzz about it, the decision to let few lucky winners watch it with Priyanka Chopra herself but also get a chance to meet her in person was unanimous.

Apart from them we had a #PCEntourage winner as well. Fans were asked to email us their entries if they were interested (obviously they were) and one lucky winner was selected who would get a chance to go backstage with her, interview her and shoot vine videos.

mk 1

Winner was @Sharang18

mk 2

Trailer Release at PVR:

Stepping out of the general norm of live tweeting, taking it a bit further Vine videos were used. Yes you heard it right Vine videos were used. This gave the fans a chance to keep up with Priyanka Chopra live, while it happened even though they could not be there.

mk 3

The stage is set

mk 4

Priyanka gets nervous before the launch.

mk 5

Piggy Chops during the Q and A

mk 6

The Crowd is in awe while the trailer is played.

Winners get to meet Priyanka.

mk 8

The trailer launch was not the only thing that happened a Q n A session followed it, also those present got to see Priyanka in her ‘Mary Kom’ outfit as well.

The winners from the previous day’s contest got to meet their superstar in person much to their delight.

One of the winners was:


mk 9

All of this leads to the trailer being met with a great (3,825,356 views) response.

Post Trailer Launch:

On the same day a twitter contest was held with the trailer related questions. This ensured that the trailer got even more views. Winners of this contest were given signed Mary Kom movie posters.

Obviously some trending happened.


Nothing comes close to the praise you receive from fellow co-stars either.

mk 10

Twitter trends:

mk 11

Facebook Trends:

mk 12So what did this trailer launch get in the end?

  • Total Number of Tweets – 700
  • Increased No. of Followers – 7,087
  • Reach – 6,88, 472
  • Impressions – 2,02,54,782