Royal Stag Large Short Films Urges People to Keep Perfecting a Perfect Break-up

Royal Stag, also known as Seagram’s Royal Stag, is a brand of Indian whisky, owned by Pernod Ricard, and launched in 1995. It is Pernod Ricard India’s leading brand and the Group’s largest by volume of sales.

So far, Royal Stag was associates with mass driven activities like cricket, movies and music which have build an immediate connect with the Indian audiences. They have used known Indian ambassadors like Saif Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harbhajan singh, Gautam Gambir, Yuvraj Singh Robin Uthappa, Shankar Ehsan Loy trio and Prikrama group for their campaign.

Royal stag initiated an interesting campaign that depicts the exact ethos of the brand and its positioning. One of its kinds with a fresh approach that can keep every user hooked. Royal stag came with a brilliant concept, achieved with a simple approach, wins my heart at every stage of the campaign.

Social Media is one platform where users always tend to incline towards activities that are simple, yet innovative. Royal stag has a very active digital presence considering some of the leading campaigns created by the brand. Royal stag has created a simple and innovative video for the campaign.


Royal Stag aims to reach its target group with a twist. Main objective is to spread awareness about the product and position the product as the rebel of the alcohol drink category.

The core aim of campaign is to enhance branding. Every time Royal stag executes a campaign, there is a strong branding element in place. With this campaign the branding has been taken to a whole new level.

Large Short Films aims to become the ultimate destination for such short films, to extend the platform and attract quality content and inspire young directors to be original.


Through the perfect break-up scene, the film tries to convey directors to ‘Keep Perfecting’ their art as only the most original short films make it large. Told in a quirky way, the film captures the little nuances towards perfect film making. A perfect scene begins by getting rid of clichés, or doing away with what’s been seen and heard a million times before. It’s only when you keep perfecting, you end up with an original one.

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The video has over 3 lakh views as I write this review.

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The idea of short films is catching on in the digital world. Large Short Films, one of the most unique digital platforms for short films in India, is all set to encourage young, aspiring directors in its new campaign. The platform caters to both filmmakers and film-lovers with short films that can be easily watched over mobile phones. It remains the ultimate destination for aspiring directors to convey their message through this short format.

This activity has attracted immense loyalty. The fact that a brand like Royal stag which is a market leader, is using the digital platform so effectively in spite of its popularity, should awaken brands that believe Social Media is too insignificant for their branding. Owing to alcohol brand’s marketing restriction, such brands can use social media extensively.

With more avenues available for film distribution in this digital and mobile age, short films have taken off like never before. On the other hand, the short film making format is quickly being adapted by creative content platforms, which further add to the competition. The latest digital campaign serves to create awareness on the philosophy behind perfect short films; it urges film makers to explore beyond clichés towards authenticity and perfection: a quality Large Short films wants to convey through this film. Moreover, it also fits well with Royal Stag’s brand philosophy – It’s your life. Make it large.

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Brand Philosophy: It’s your life. Make it large.

The brand message: Self evaluate yourself, there’s still a lot to achieve!

Royal stag tagline it’s your life make it large thoroughly comes across during the length of the campaign.

Apart from appealing to aspiring directors and film buffs with its quirky storytelling, the ad film further strengthens the platform’s position as the ultimate destination for quality short films. The ad film is being promoted on the platform’s social media channels too. The Facebook and Twitter pages of Large Short films have been sharing the ad with related contest around the #KeepPerfecting. Fans have been invited to share their own versions of break-up for a chance to win a DVD set of classic movies on romance.


Social Media is no longer just another additional medium for marketers; it is being adopted increasingly as the primary medium and made a part of the larger brand targets and goals. To be successful on Social, all it takes is interesting conversations – either from the brand or about the brand.

  • A lot of attention is paid on details when it comes to dialogues and expression which are driven by the target group’s interests in internet, television, movies etc.
  •  Royal Stag Large Short Films, India’s most unique online platform for short films, celebrates the power of authenticity. It is the ultimate destination for filmmakers to make it large by conveying their original voice through this short format.
  • This ad aims at highlighting the aspects of originality and perfection. I like how they’ve kept the theme of the product in the ad to convey the message. This increases the clarity of the message and holds great appeal for the target audience. I love the use of melodramatic clichés in the ad to exaggerate the need for ‘originality’ in your craft.

Scope for improvement

  • This ad could have been more engaging if it would’ve been in Hindi.
  • Involving amateur & influential film makers in an online activity could help gain more eye-balls.


It must be remembered that apart from TV ads, Royal stag is executing other original innovative work on Social Media too. The recent success of Royal Stag Large Short Films is a very good example.

Brands should incorporate the basics of this campaign, starting from the small add, to the replication of brand image and achieving business goals, and most importantly, connecting with their audience.

The Royal Stag make it large story is insightful and inspirational. We have great common ground with Royal Stag in ‘making it large'”.