Social Media Agency Feature: Pixel8 – An Advertising and Design Agency

Who are we?

Name : Pixel8 Creatives
Location: Bangalore

Inception Date : 06/05/2013
Founder/ Creative Director : Sanket Kumar R Shah
Lead Designer : Kishan Vagale
Illustrator : Raif Shareif
Business Development Executive : Meeth J Sheth

We are commerce graduates with our first design project being drawing ledgers, but since we weren’t allowed to be creative there we decided to start our own advertising and design agency. We love blue and yellow colours. Our primary tools of creation are a white board and a “Camlin” blue marker. We listen to “Coldplay” and prefer “Organic India” green tea as a beverage option. On Sundays we just socialise and keep all the work locked as we tend to get a little cheesy.

What’s in the name?

The team at Pixel8 Creatives comes from a background of interest for detail in the form of how and why things are the way they are. We are inspired by how the smallest pixel in a design has a role to play in creating a final finish of any design. We are a small start up agency; just like a pixel in the industry but we do play a vital role in making the industry known for what it is today.

HENCE PROVED…because somethings don’t change.

What we do?

• Brand Identity Projects
• Web Designing
• Infographics
• Video Ads
• Print Media
• Copywriting
• Package Designing
• Signage Creation
• Advertising & Branding Consultation

Why we do it?

Because we love what we do

How we evolve?

We spend quality time to understand the requirement of the industry and the sources and its results. We take up project studies and have trained ourselves to filter everything we see, notice, read, write, create, talk, dream and even marry in the terms of advertising and design.

Social responsibility in social media

We have a rule at the office – We do not charge any social projects a single rupee for any of their design or ad requirements. We are sponsors of an NGO named ‘ Youth For Parivarthan & also have contributed to a social project by Best Global Eventz and partnered by Mantri Builders –
Give Light Movement.

Need of the hour

We believe that the social media has given space to every individual and organisation to portray its creativity and ideas, but the lack of respect to these skills is seen through plagiarism and selling copies of highly conceptualised ad and design work. We suggest clients to patent every
design they own and also enforce a more strict copyrights and patent violation act.

We learned the hard way (not really hard)

The success of your work depends on how big the smile is on your clients face. (Debatable…but we have to accept it sooner or later especially with clients having small budget).

Did we just share that?

Client: I want light blue colour on the package.
P8 team : Light Blue? Could you be more specific?
Client: C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80
P8 team: Sir that is 80% grey.
Client: See what best can be done.

They work with us
Protocol, Rajni Lingerie, Best Global Eventz, Nineteen05, Food World, Super Snack, Stones & Stones, Creative Crafts, Stone Crust and many more.

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Media Industry has a great prospect in creating a stronger and bolder image as the mindsets of the masses are much more open to lateral and minimalistic concepts. The younger generations are breaking the stereotype and are having an open approach to media studies. The idea of self- employment and keeping the individuality intact attract a lot of artistic and creative people to this industry.

A day without Internet

As mentioned earlier our primary tools are a white board and a marker. Internet is not a priority, its a luxury we spend wisely.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Not as of now, but in time we will get back to you.