How Tata Nano Connected with Youth During Independence Day, Generating Organic Growth

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Tata Nano

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Based on the insight that the youth hate to be under-estimated, Tata Nano wanted to represent the sentiment of the young generation on International Youth Day as they form a part of growing customer base of trendy, young urbanites.


On International Youth Day, Tata Nano conducted a digital campaign that stood true to the spirit of the youth. The campaign was a series of graffiti based pictures that had youth centric slogans written on them. These slogans were hard-hitting and highlighted the fact that the young generation completely detests being underestimated as an age group.

International Youth Day_5

The statements addressed the criticism that the young generation faces now-a-days. They were written as a response to common and generic statements that are made against them.

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We also asked people to voice their opinions and send in their slogans via Facebook and Twitter engagement. Before the end of the day, we also picked two slogans that were sent to us by our audience and uploaded it along with our slogans as an album.


  • Daily Organic reach on 12th August rose 57% above the average reach of the month in a single day.
  • Daily organic impression on 12th August rose 102% above the average organic impressions of the month.
  • On Twitter, we received over 2 lakh impressions in a single day.
  • The generic sentiment of the page was positive and responses showed that the slogans were relatable to our target group which was our main objective.