8 Things to do When Facebook and Twitter are Both Down!

Facebook and Twitter have become a part of our routine. There’s not a single day that goes by without checking those blue & white walls online. But what if on a pleasant day you wake up only to find that Facebook is down! Then you go on to Twitter to tweet about Facebook being down, only to find out that Twitter is down too. What next? Now there is an outburst of feelings. There’s anguish and there’s disappointment and one big question: What do I do to pass time? So here are 8 things you could do when Facebook & Twitter are down:


1. Cross Check 1– Call up your friends to cross check whether they are able to log into their profiles. Also ask them to check with their friends.




2. Call up your  friends (Not FB Friends) – 2Facebook and Twitter has changed the way we used to communicate. The new speaking is chatting. So call up your friends to find out whether you can recognize their voice or not. A small change in routine will help you relive old memories.



3. Shift to Blog/Whatsapp 3– Remove your anguish on a blog or Whatsapp. There may be many others who must be going through the same dilemma of not being able to open Facebook and Twitter.



4. Click Selfies 4– Let the photographer in you take charge. Click selfies & let the camera decide whether you are photogenic or a mirror cracking material.






5. “The Social Network” – 5If you are about to lose all possible patience and Facebook hasn’t shown up as yet, then watch “The Social Network”. You will come to know who is the painter of those blue & white walls that the world is so much in love with & you might just come up with that striking idea for the next billion dollar social network.




6. Screw up the life of your Internet Service Provider – 7If you face frequent disconnection in your internet connection, then you might surely call the internet service provider and make his life hell.




Rice bucket

7. The Rice Bucket Challenge – Now that you may have successfully completed the Ice-bucket challenge, take up the Rice Bucket challenge & challenge your friends too. You may end up inspiring more friends to donate rice & feed some hungry people out there.



8. GOOGLE Search – Type a word on Google search & you’ll find suggestions which you must have not even dreamt of. 8