10 Pickup Lines That Will Help You Win A Match On Tinder

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The old saying – ‘First Impression Is The Last Impression’ holds true to this popular match-making app! If your’re single and looking to hook-up with someone, you can find tips on making your Tinder profile interesting. If you haven’t downloaded Tinder yet, do it NOW. It’s a cool app that lets you find people located around you. People who have been using this app, swiping left & right to meet interesting people, can now install Tickup by which they can master the art of impressing users on Tinder.

Check out few of these lines which can help you make an impression.

1 - This is a good one which a guy can use. There is a certain spontaneity in this line which might pique the girl’s interest and the conversation can move ahead if they both like each other.

other two wishes



2 - This line sends across a message which says “Hey we are both good looking. I like you and you like me”. It might be a good ice breaker if you both like each other to move things ahead.

good taste




3 - Okay! So this might actually work if you like to keep it simple and smart because both of you are on Tinder swiping away for a date or a hook-up right? This line might be a conversation starter you never know.

love at first swipe



4 - So what this pickup line means is “Hey lets get something to eat and if I like you we’ll do something more interesting at your place ”. This is a smart move asking someone out for brunch with the intent of knowing each other.brunch




5 - We might have someone who is really interested in you and wants to cook you breakfast after you’ve spent the night chatting with them. Now they might not be Nigella or Ramsay, but hey anyone who can cook is a keeper.Breakfast




6 - Keep it simple. Actually a sweet opening line for a conversation, if a girl has dealt with some creeps & weirdos on Tinder. Complimenting her beautiful smile might just help you break the ice and move on to a date if you’re smile




7 - Rare to come across a girl who doesn’t like Starbucks. So if you’re using this line, be sure that you’ll make her smile. Guess what if you both like each other on Tinder? You can go grab some Starbucks later for a date.starbucks latte



8 - Girls love being complimented and they love flowers. So why not use them both in  this smooth pickup line inferring she is as beautiful as a Rose. Even better, she’s impressed by this pickup line & you get to buy her red roses on your first date.11 red roses




9 - This pickup line straight up implies that the girl/boy you like is a dream match and they perfectly fit the bill. This line can make you come off as a confident and straight to the point person.8 and 10




10 - Making it “Facebook official” sends across a strong message implying that you’re so smitten by your match on Tinder that you’d pursue a serious relationship with the intent of going public about it. This line might actually work for those looking for something more than a just hookup!facebook official



Well, if you've come across some wittier lines than the ones mentioned above to impress that special someone, share them with us in the comments below. And don't forget to share this article with all your bros, who can play smart on Tinder!

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