Blogging Unfolds With Shopping In Quikr's New Campaign

Meera Rai
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Blogging Unfolds With Shopping In Quikr's New Campaign

Diwali is the festival of lights and joy and festivals are the perfect time for shopping for your loved ones. Quikr, India’s # 1 online classifieds has launched a campaign recently keeping this in mind through an activity which will include shopping and blogging.


The idea behind running such a campaign is “Buyer & Seller ka Perfect Matchmaker”. With the help of BlogAdda, they have strongly connected the essence of shopping with blogging to direct the traffic to their website.


Since the spending habit in India generally is high during the festive season, it becomes necessary for a brand to tap on this rise in buying behavior as the customer is on the look for offers. The key objectives of this campaign are:-

• To offer something different and unique to their shoppers this Diwali.

• To amplify the reach of their campaign by making customers market their brand by blogging about their shopping experience via BlogAdda

• Giving the bloggers a chance to have the experience of a buyer with a seller

• To incentivize blogging in a way that it results into more conversations and drives more traffic to the Quikr website.


Quikr has come up with something specialto make your Diwali shopping spree magical through this free shopping fiesta campaign.

All a blogger has to do is go to BlogAdda’s website and register with them.


The execution of this contest was done via few easy steps for the shoppers& bloggers to follow.

  • Register for the blogging contest through their website.
  • 100 bloggers who are shortlisted are supposed to log on to Quikr& purchase stuff worth Rs 5000 from a seller.
  • Bloggers are then supposed to blog about their shopping experience with proofs of purchase via BlogAdda.
  • Each blogger would get a guaranteed cashback of Rs. 5000 on publishing their blog of at least 850 words.
  • Top 3 blog posts get cashback worth Rs. 25000, Rs. 10000 and Rs. 5000 respectively. Last date to submit the entries is 31st October, 2014 before midnight.

How Blogging Amplifies the Reach of a Social Media Campaign

Blogging works as an effective marketing tactic that directly creates engagement with customers, swarming in huge traffic to the website & generating buzz.

This campaign has efficiently encouraged customers to blog about their shopping experience through BlogAdda. This creates a higher outreach on social media. Through this campaign, Quikr in collaboration with BlogAdda is trying to tap on the power of customers talking good about their experience with the brand. And with the benefit of getting assured cash back & additional prizes on winning, customers wouldn’t mind blogging about their shopping experience on Quikr.

When bloggers express their shopping experience online, their friends & followers get influenced to do the same, owing to the attractive gratification attached to it.This idea of acquainting the audiences with their website service, is a smart way of introducing those customers who haven’t used the website before. What’s more? The brand gets good traffic to their site & reinforces in customers a sense of eagerness to come back for more, even after the contest is over.

Blogger outreach campaigns help brands generate user generated content that impacts the perception of the brand. This tactic lends a far more effective credibility to the brand’s positioning as a whole. And with the festive season round the corner, Indians would love to shop. What’s even better is that they could be one among the 100 bloggers who can then go ahead and enjoy shopping withadditional cash back benefits, on publishing the blog. While a customer is receptive of the idea of shopping specially during Diwali, it is a good strategic move on the part of the brand to motivate customers to shop & win prizes.

Closing Thoughts

What will be exciting to witness is the conversation of happy customers that will pour in on all social media platforms, thereby creating a positive brand image. And a happy customer is the one who will keep the name of your brand in mind while suggesting where to shop. Now we can imagine what happens when there are hundreds out there talking about you, in place of your competition.

With the festive season at its peak, Quikr in collaboration with BlogAdda has managed to capture the attention of customers by encouraging them to blog about their shopping experience on Quikr along with a satisfactory gratification to each blogger. This leaves no scope for the blogger to turn their back to this campaign. Marketing heads now need to move their attention to the potential of blogging as an effective marketing tactic, which will get interested customers talking good about your brand!

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