Cadbury’s #LeChaloKhushiyan Campaign Leverages Social Media for an Integrated Campaign

To strengthen their relevance with Indian festivities like Diwali, Cadbury has launched another campaign, this time focusing on the Indian Army through #LeChaloKhushiyan.

The brand’s core idea is to make Diwali special for the Indian Army who don’t get the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with their loved ones as they are dedicated to their line of duty.

The execution was held online as well as offline. The Cadbury vans would start their journey by collecting all the people’s wishes for the Army by halting at three major cities in India and end their route at the Army base camp to reveal the messages.

The campaign took off with a 50 seconds TVC on Youtube depicting a family surprising their son at the army quarters on the eve of Diwali. The short clip has brilliantly captured the essence of sharing sweets & chocolates with family & friends especially in the life of man who is in the armed forces.

Famous celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Farah Khan, Varun Dhavan, Abhisheik Bachchan have also recorded their well wishes for the Indian army through the campaign via Youtube.

#LeChaloKhushiyan was also trending with proud citizens pouring in with their wishes and blessings for our brave Indian Army on Twitter.

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The brand has also created a tab on Facebook, Le Chalo Khushiyan, integrating the TVC on the page. Another video has been created on Youtube, which captures the emotions of the Indian army after the messages were delivered.

Occasion Marketing

Diwali is the perfect occasion for any brand to capitalize on the occasion marketing syndrome in India. Considering Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and Cadbury has long associated itself with the concept of celebration, the match of these two is almost made in heaven. The brand came up with yet another property which helps them further strengthen their relevance with Indian festivals.

Striking an Emotional Chord

Cadbury as a brand and product is meant to bring happiness in the lives of people. The brand has smartly used this underline brand message and connected the concept to bringing happiness for the Indian army. A treasured section of our society, the Indian army is always protecting our lives and hence, the gesture by the brand strikes an emotional chord among users.

Celebrity Videos

Cadbury has included video messages for the force by popular celebrities, bringing an additional charm in the campaign.

Integrated Approach

After launching a TVC, the brand extended the campaign not only on social media but also offline. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, offline activation as well as a TVC was used to popularize the campaign.

‘Overall the campaign simply brings a smile to your face. It is nice to see brands initiating excellent activities which are in turn doing good for the society and sharing a social message.