[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review Of Watch Brands

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[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review Of Watch Brands

watchWatch Industry is a subdivision of the lifestyle industry which holds immense potential to generate entertaining and engaging content.

Most of these brands have been on social media for a long time now and have grown every day in their strategy and communication planning. These brands have immense potential for Social Media growth. Some brands are showing consistency, others still seem to be catching up to the digital age.

The study includes an in-depth analysis on two major platforms, Facebook and Twitter while was conducted for the time duration of 30 days (20th May to 20th June) using Explic8, a social media analytics platform developed by Germin8. The following brands have been studied:

  1. Titan
  2. Timex
  3. Maxima
  4. Sonata

The report reviews their strategy on the following parameters:

  • Monthly Timeline Chart
  • Audience Analysis
  • Buzzword Chart
  • Content strategy On Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online Buzz
  • Service Feedback
  • Sentiment

To download the report, fill in your details below:

explic8 sonata Titan maxima social media ebook Timex social media strategy review