Social Media Agency Feature: Dark Horse Media – A Digital Agency

Who are we?

Dark Horse Media is a 2 year old Digital marketing firm and are looking at marrying content, movies, personalities, brands and consumer.

We like Maker Studios and Digital Co-Creation Hubs are our ideal growth model.

What’s in the name?

We like comic books and we like the idea of being Underdogs. The world should not see you comingJ

We have always been unlikely winners!!

What we do?

We are a Digital Marketing firm. We are into:

Movie Marketing

– Digital Identity Creation

– Video Creation and Distribution

– IP creation

-Outreach and Advertiser Funded Properties

Know more here.

Why we do it?

Love for Digital

Love for Movies

Innovations in an emerging market

Personality and communication led branding

How we evolve?

We evolve by trying new ideas, staying ahead of the curve, we read and we teach at colleges to stay abreast. We attend digital conferences, keep an eye on new startups, tinker a lot, marry ideas from many industries and talk to a lot of fellow digital marketers. We share ideas and we look for feedback and improvement at all times. We execute fast and we fail fast. We own up

Social responsibility in social media

Owning up is the best way to maintain goodwill. We are in the business of ideas and sometimes the ideas go wrong and sometimes there is a gap between the idea and the execution. Say sorry and move on. We are also young and make classic leadership and maturity mistakes too. Part of growing up!!

At times we have forfeited out fees if we completely went out of whack

We admit our mistakes and lessons publicly here.

Need of the hour

Err on the side of caution

Try new things but don’t promise much

Less is more

Stay vigilant

Be prepared

We learned the hard way

Try and work on as much advance as possible

Paying client first

Sales and delivery need to be in sync

Social media churn may fuel creativity

Never hold on to a bad employee

Collaborate and co-create as much as possible

We are all in it together. Create win-win scenarios

Be transparent about money in the bank

Don’t over promise and under deliver

Stay hungry and stay foolish

You competitor is a 12 yr old and not the market leader

Focus on customer first

Own stuff

Pay salary on time

Did we just share that?

The funniest brief of all times from almost all clients-Make a viral for usJ

They work with us

These are our clients.

Industry as we foresee

Social Media is not going towards My Media and is more and more personalised and one on one.

It’s also connected and video led.

Personal recommendations are driving consumption

Most social content will be sponsored by brands more and more

Brands will also look at Video Platforms as 24*7 TV and own programming to drive opinion and engagement.

A day without Internet

Pretty awesome.

We encourage switching off and on most weekends we try and not engage with the outside world.

It’s in that free moment that creativity strikes and the value of the same should never be undermined. We spend time in nature and also are spiritual in nature.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are hiring for two positions currently.