Social Media Agency Feature: V Spark Communications

Who are we?

V Spark Communications, founded by Mr. Atul Pratap Singh & Ms. Kanika Chhabra in 2010, is a boutique agency offering most comprehensive branding concepts & strategies to various global as well as Indian brands. We strive to build enduring brands for furiously competitive markets to make them more absolute.

VSC India is a Mankind company. Whatever we do is from and for mankind. We don’t believe that a mere few coverages in media will make people talk about your brand. It’s the strategy and the implementation which holds the key of a brand’s success i.e. no mushy mushy talks, its pure business. The brand grows, we’ll certainly grow. That is how we had been working since our inception and our partners are the best supportive proof of our work.

The co. foundation was laid down by Mr. Singh while he was pursuing his Post grads in Marketing. The first break through came as a Golds Gym & Wardrobe (A Jyothi Laboratory co.) and rest is history. The co. caters to globally renowned brands as well as startups at the nascent stages. The team of 12 enthusiastic brand lovers headed by Ms. Kanika Chhabra (Director) specializes in Digital PR & Creative Designing. Based out of New Delhi, the team has a good blend of qualified and experienced personnel and young creative minds. Talk about industry domains and the co. has credentials from all the beats to woo clients.


What’s in the name?

Our name is self-declaring, vibrant and youthful alike our creative ideas and shows our belief in unity. V Spark Communications highlights the composition of ideas & execution, client & co. together creating a spark. We call ourselves as VSC India Team and appreciate when market recognize us by the same name.

What we do?

Whatever we do is nothing less than a stunning Act. Firm believer of “Action over talks” and “Feshness of Idea Matters”, we make our brands shine and compete proficiently in furiously competitive markets.  We serve gamut of services at one stop – Digital Branding (Blend of Traditional & Digital PR along with Social Media Marketing) and Creative designing.

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Why we do it?

Work is fun, passion, motivation. Old one liner doesn’t fit well with our Ideology. Money & Recognition are two dominant factors behind our existence. We are a venture that caters to the problem of brands. The problem we call “Value oriented marketing”. No brand chucks money without a brilliant idea and a road map to execute the same. Yes, not to forget that its all about ROI. You grow, we grow. Period!

Our successful growth in the niche encourages us to grow more and experiment all of the stuff which the industry comprises.

How we evolve?

It’s a never ending process for us. Every day we learn something and try to implement. Changing industry, expectations, popping brands, unusual ideas and lot more, we are sponge; ready to absorb.

“Powerful implementation of Ideas” is our core belief so whatever we do, we aim to deliver ‘No Complain service’.

Social responsibility in social media

In Society, we exist and that is enough to do our part for it. Curbing incorrect or misguiding info troubling society is what we feel should be the prime focus of any agency. In order to promote brands often agencies tend to communicate ambiguously. That is not done. Its repercussions could be fatal. Infact, not just agencies everyone out there should understand the “Logic” first before taking any action.

Need of the hour

Plato got it right “No law is mightier than understanding”. Understanding your own responsibility is crucial. We hope something concrete (A law) comes on floor soon. But recently, we have seen an active Cyber Cell busting people who try to mess things. Good Job..!! On the other hand, we do not propagate anything illegal.

VSC India works with industry norms and ethics.

We learned the hard way

Establishing brand connect. Every here and there one venture is providing Social Media expertise to various brands. Evolving technologies, markets & customers have made us realize that it is easy to approach and grab attention but tough to engage and establish a brand connect. People are wise, they spend wisely. You simply just can not SELL. You need to create an impact so that they spend on you.

Did we just share that?

The life is full of tickling experiences. Assisting a lady on one of our Client’s page for her attire and look on her brother’s wedding, a long 2 hrs. Conversation where she asked us questions like what should I be wearing, which gloss should I use, heels or flat, jewellery type and list is just endless. The entire team came together and arguments converted into ideas were shared and what we got was amazing.

They work with us

We are expertise in various industries– Beauty, Health, Hospitality, Fashion, Lifestyle and Décor.


  • Inveda – an amalgamation of two words “Infusion” and “Ayurveda”. The foundation of Inveda being infusing natural ingredients with the beauty secrets of Vedas, a unique range of ‘ healthy beauty’ products.
  • Vedic Line-  offers aesthetic solutions such as whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, aroma for mental and physical relaxation, can treatment etc.
  • Make-up Revolution- launched in London in March 2014 delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices.
  • Organic surge :– channels the vibrancy and goodness of nature into our everyday lives. With products as individual as we are, natural formulas and charitable links, Organic Surge is dedicated to making life wherever we can, starting with you.

Hospitality & Health

  • Sparsh For Children – it is a multidisciplinary therapy centre which caters to different needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning difficulty, Attention and  Difficulties Speech & Language difficulties, Intellectual Disability.
  • AktivOrtho- It is India’s first of its kind comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical fitness centre located in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.


  • Vikrant Makkar – Fashion Designer renowned for ethnic apparels.
  • com- It is a leading ethnic war online shopping portal in India providing opportunities to various sellers to showcase and market their product, ranging from dress materials, home décor and furnishing items, eatables and many other products.
  • com– a fashionable brand for handmade, handcrafted, hand woven accessories, Home Decor and ethnic apparels.

Jewelery –

  • Senco Golds & Diamonds- are Seventy-six years old jewelers, deals with 22ct hallmarked Gold certified diamond, platinum, costume jewelry and astral gems.

Lifestyle and Décor

  • Elvy Lifestyle – the premium home Decor brand, is a name synonymous with uniqueness, exclusivity, convenience, lifestyle, value, international quality and easy shopping.
  • Wisma Atria Interiors- was founded by India’s leading interior designer Nomita Kohli in 1988.
  • Wisma Atria Internationals- WAI), founded by husband-wife team Arjun & Nomita Kohli in 2011, offers end-to-end design solutions for living spaces. Over the past few years, with the phenomenal growth in the Indian luxury market sector, driven by a discerning clientele and a niche for “couture living”, WAI entered the international market and today it handpicks some of the finest furniture from Italy and Spain.
    WAI represents world leaders in their fields, such as: Amboan, SigmaL2, Chelini, Cantiero, Gyform, Casali, Anna Baby Room (IDL),Fratelli Boffi, Radice, Mantellassi, Tosconova, Salda, Collecion Alexandra, Soher, Of Interini, Orsi, La Ebanisteria, Moradillo, Lola Glamour, Giovanni Viscentin and Maxdivani, to name just a few.WAI offers you a one stop solution to you or your client’s needs; from presentations about a company’s products, free layout plans, visits to their factories in Italy or Spain organizing logistics and arranging door-to-door delivery of your purchase.
  • Stellar Global- Home and furniture needs more precision and scientific approach as these are the places where one spends most of the time and thus, Stellar Global brings in ‘no compromise’ policy for them.

Industry as we foresee

It’s evolving and still in its early days. Lot to come and seen. But we believe that a law is mandatory along with a body which can ensure and overlook a fair practice. The no. of users is growing, so are the platforms and we feel that there is lot to come.

A day without Internet

Will be none less than a catastrophe! But we sometimes do enjoy it back at office by our regular team gossip sessions.

Lastly, are you hiring?



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