[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review Of Top Automobile Brands

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[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review Of Top Automobile Brands
explic8Endless advantages of social media marketing has forced automobile brands to shift focus in terms of their spends on traditional forms of advertising to luxurious ad campaigns on the social sphere. With a well drafted content strategy, the brand stays on top of the customer's mind, aiding & influencing him while making a purchase decision.
Brands have now recognised the importance of tapping online customer feedback & they respond to customer needs accordingly. This not only delights customers, that their feedback is being taken seriously, but also helps the brand improve their image in the long run.
Here's an in-depth review of India's top most auto-mobile brands dealing in passenger vehicles in terms of market share. Using the tool Explic8, a social media analytics platform developed by Germin8, the following brands have been studied:
  • Tata
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen
  • Maruti
  • Ford
This report reviews their social media strategies based on the following parameters :
- Audience Analysis
- Brand's presence on social media platforms
- Content Strategy
- Customer grievances & customer redressal
- Customer Engagement
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