WD Builds an Online-Offline Connect With ‘Around The World With My Passport Wireless’ Campaign

With people travelling the world over & staying connected on the go, the digital age demands a storage device that helps keep photos, information & data safe and in one place and easy to access.  With the campaign ‘Around The World With My Passport Wireless’, the WD brand successfully engages its target group of attendees at Broadcast India 2014, Professionals from music and film productionhouses, entertainment industry and photographers were attendees at the event.

WD’s effort in making the dream of photographers,travel enthusiasts and professionals, who are on-the-go come true was evidently seen in the Expo, with the launch of the My Passport Wirelessat the event. WD showcased how effectively and efficiently their product works and gave users a first hand experience through a live demo. The focus was on the ability of the device to enable the  user to be connected to the device and showcase his work across platforms without actually having to physically carry their work with them.

The campaign has managed to effectively break through the clutter of a B2B businesses by adding an element of interactivity, there by building curiosity among potential customers!

The objectives of the campaign were:  

  • To make the user understand the USP of the product by engaging them in an interactive activity.
  • To give users, first hand experience of using a product that needs no wires, and sync them with WD’s brand for being a highly useful and hassle free product on the go.


Around the world with My Passport Wireless – Selfie Booth

 This campaign tries to engage users by giving them a chance to interact with the product along with solving all queries and doubts they may have at the stall itself, which aids in raising the desirability level of the product. The product was launched at the Broadcast India 2014 Expo,  where the user can get a live demo of the product. With the ability to break through the clutter in reaching out to engage their audience, this campaign has created an interactive environment through whichthe user has knowledge of the product. This level of interactivity is expected to make a user inclined towardsan actual purchase.

The WD staff present at the boothhelped  solving further customer queries about the product and through the interactive Selfie kiosk medium, customers were better able to grasp the functioning of the My Passport Wireless device.

Take a look at some selfies captured at the venue –



  • Helps connect to Target Group both at an Offline & Online level

The campaign effectively promotes the product at the Broadcast India 2014 Expo through and interactive medium  that engages the potential customer, with complete product knowledge. The brand further extends itself by uploading an album of all the selfies taken at the selfie booth, not only for the visitors of the expo to recall their engagement with the brand but also engages with those, who were not present at the event 

  • Personalizes experiences of Social Media users and gets relevant fan base through an offline event

There could be nothing better than giving your customers a personalized experience of the product through an event, whilst extending it online

  • Leverages Selfies which is a huge social media trend

The concept of Selfies hasn’t gone out of fashion. Owing to the fact that the social crowd is crazy over selfies, the campaign makes perfect use of the trend & engages their customers by installing a selfie booth & gives a live demo of how the product instantly saves the image in your personal wireless drive.

  • Product launch done through integrating Social Media

By launching the product at the Expo where photographers, production house entertainment industry professionals are receptive to new technology, makes it easier to showcase their product in a more efficient manner, to the right audience through  social media integration. With photographers being their major target audience, who would love their work to be saved on- the-go,  the WD brand gets it’s message across of  precisely understanding the needs of the customer.

  • Immediate connect between an offline activity and online result

The campaign not only interacts with the customer at the Expo, but further builds a recall of the experience they have had with the product by uploading an album of visitors at the selfie booth. With the selfie being an on-going social media trend, the brand leverages the selfie booth  as a medium to engage with their customers.


Closing Thoughts

A brilliant product and an even better execution to launch it. The My Wireless Passport is a device that increases a user’s efficiency and productivity. WD’s interactive campaign at Broadcast 2014 gives users a clear view of what the My Passport Wireless is capable of and how beneficial it can be in the working life of a creative professional..