Just Out: 8 Major Changes Twitter Will Make in 2015

Twitter at its Analyst day revealed major changes the platform will make to acquire more users and to make Twitter more user friendly to its users. These changes deal with content consumption on the platform.

Twitter said, “Ultimately, we believe there is something for everyone at any time on Twitter, and we want to make finding your niche simple from the start.”

1. Instant Timeline

This is mainly for new Twitter users who are welcomed on Twitter with an empty timeline from people they are forced to follow while the sign up stage is on. Twitter intends to now show the new users a screen where they can upload their contacts to find friends and this is further analysed by Twitter to come up with a personalized instant timeline.

Twitter added: “Instant Timeline is not just something we’ll offer to new users, but to people who come back without a healthy timeline.”

2. Timeline Highlights

Ever missed reading tweets from your cluttered timeline while you followed a million people? Well, Twitter is going to be kind to you while you are away from the platform and collate the best tweets for you to read when you are back. Cool no?

Twitter adds, ““Every time you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great.”

3. Big on Events

Events have been a good source of user increment for the website. The micro blogging site will add up to 25 events next year to customize experiences for the users.

4. Beyond Vine

Twitter aims to develop a lot more apps that will not only help bring more users to the platform but also help the company’s objective of becoming the fastest revenue generating company. The products Twitter wants to create will help in information sharing and be more of a distribution platform.

5. Hashtags more search friendly 

Twitter plans to index over 50K most popular hashtags at all search engines to make this already powerful tool more search friendly. Well, I hope not to see more brands running more spammy hashtag contests.

6. Video Friendly

Users might be able to upload, edit and publish videos on Twitter since the platform aims to concentrate more on video content. This might be an additional feature apart from Vine.

7. Value for Logged Out Users

Twitter will create value for logged out users too or those users who come to the platform without logging in. Considering Twitter’s popularity and embeds on a million websites, users tend to flock to the website through referrals. Hence for instance, if a users comes to Shopper’s Stop profile, not only will he/she view tweets from the brand but also some recommendations tailored by Twitter. This will help increase content consumption and get the user more interested in the platform.

8. Advertise, Advertise

Twitter has some unique plans for its advertising options. The platforms plans to begin Quick Promote, similar to Facebook’s boost post.

quick promote

It also plans to begin click to call, polling etc.

click to call


What do you think of these updates?